Sometimes you grow apart and that’s okay.




That’s Jordan and Alex. The two people I basically spent my entire awkward teenage stage with. They’re what you would call my best friends. An acquaintance asked about them last time we talked and stated something that threw me for a loop. That perhaps we’re outgrowing each other. JORDAN, ALEX and I! I proceeded to deny the idea of us ever being on different pages. It wasn’t possible. We have history. We’ve had arguments, inside jokes, and everything under the sun. Growing apart simply didn’t seem like an option…until now.

I can’t help but think back on that day and wonder, is our friendship still where it once was? Do any friendships continue to stay stagnant as people grow older?

537676_451900071524968_2006381667_nWe barely talk anymore in all honesty, especially Jordan. We have new sets of friends with new life goals and at first it was bothersome. I wanted things to be the way they were in the past where we felt the need to always be together until we had to be home. But it’s not anymore and it’s for the best.

As people age their paths become different. It’s not that we don’t care or want certain people in our lives. They just aren’t supposed to be there or have the same meaning. Sort of like your favorite anything as a child. You still love it and always will because of the value it’s been given but it doesn’t feel the same anymore. It doesn’t fit in your life the way you expect it should.

Don’t get me wrong I still believe the two people from above will always have a place in my life; in my “wedding”, drinking buddies, visiting their apartments. It’s just our original life plans together have changed. We no longer plan to move to New York together or have hopes of being just as big as the cast of “Jersey Shore”. I don’t call them when I’m sad and they don’t call me when they’re hurt. They have new people for that or maybe rekindled older friendships and that’s okay. And if you’re going through the same situation it’ll be okay for you too.

Not every friendship is like the movies but that’s life. Sometimes you have to let go of things you love as cliche as it sounds (I hate cliches). But don’t worry even though your friendship might not be the same you’ll continue to grow because sometimes you have to let go to grow (geeze that was just as cliche).


Ashley Nicole.


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