I was going to do a lovely Woman Crush Wednesday post and make it a tradition to do it weekly. I decided against it though for now and want to discuss a more important topic…graduating.

Like many recent graduates I’m going through the struggle of sending out my resume/cover letter to companies and networking with my parents friends. So far the only thing I’m coming up with is a potential job offer from Chipotle…but I do love Chipotle. Seriously, who can resist those burritos? Anyways before we get started on today’s topic I need you to watch this video because it fits what I will be doing for awhile if a wonderful company doesn’t hire me soon.

It’s a Freelance Life (Annie Parody)- Garlic Jackson Comedy

So did you enjoy it? I loved it for multiple reasons. This video fits my life in a nutshell. As mentioned I’m unemployed but looking to secure a career in public relations with an emphasis on event planning and social media marketing. The issue is I’m having the same problem these people are having in the video. NO ONE WANTS TO HIRE ME. So I’m resulting to freelancing. It’s not just for writers anymore and this is important to note for any potential career. The actors were right. Freelancing is becoming more common today. A lot of companies are no longer looking for contracted employees. This way they do not have to provide them with benefits or pay them as much as a contracted employee. Plus plenty of other reasons.

If you’re in the same boat as me you might find it difficult to find jobs. How do you continue to network when you’re done with college? Outside of conversations with friends, parents, and old professors securing a job is not as difficult as it may seem if you have the right resources to help you. Here are just a few of the ones on the internet I love and why you’ll learn to love them just as much as me.

The ultimate source for people looking for freelance gigs or searching for people to hire. When you get to the website choose whether you’re looking to hire or work. Once you select that you’ll be prompted to sign up and create an account. Like most sites today you can use your Facebook account to connect or enter your information manually. I prefer the manual method because I use a different email for my Facebook account ;however, doing this method is easier if you tend to forget passwords and such. Also if you’re looking to work for a larger company this is not the place you should be looking. places an emphasis on connecting freelancers with smalls business and start-ups.

Now if you’re looking to work internationally, for a larger company, or simply wanting to put your resume in more than one place I would recommend this site. They provide a way for freelancers to connect with multiple types of businesses globally. Plus you’re able to sign up manually, with Facebook, or LinkedIn. So if your Facebook isn’t as professional as you would like it to be you have the option to connect another site. Lastly my favorite thing about this site is the Elance University section (I use it frequently). In the university section you have the option to pay for training or get it for free in a number of different areas. I am a huge fan of the excel section.

This article by Richard Morgan

“Seven Years as a Freelance Writer, or, How To Make Vitamin Soup” by Richard Morgan is a perfect read for the struggling freelancer. I won’t spoil this article for you by telling you what it’s about or how amazing it is. But, since it is on this list I would imagine you already know. So sit down, read, and feel inspired!

The Muse

Well the advice section of The Muse at least which is where that link takes you. I love this site because it allows for you to apply for jobs, read articles and take free courses. Everything I love in one easy to navigate location. More important they have an entire section on freelancing  (that is what this post is about).  So if you are new to freelancing, want to improve, or want to know why someone would even consider this lifestyle I would check it out.

Well that’s all of the information I have for today. To all you recent graduates stay motivated. We’re all in this together and we’ll find a job soon enough.




Ashley Nicole.


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