Being taken for a TEST DRIVE

I simply adore Kim Kardashian and I’m sorry if you don’t. She is a fashion icon, entrepreneur, mother, wife, and practically perfect. In honor of it being Wednesday (and my love for WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY) I decided to post this lovely picture here for everyone to appreciate.

This post isn’t about her as much as it is about the dress she is wearing and a mock write up I did for my current writing position. As you may know from countless previous mentions I am a blogger for ABS by Allen Schwartz. A very inexperienced blogger if I might add. I love fashion, I have planned countless fashion shows, helped style people (hair and make-up), and blogged a little my freshman year as an Orientation Leader. So how exactly did I manage to get a position blogging for a fashion company?

Well after I got off the phone with them I researched the company. I read every blog post, analyzed the clothing, and than googled anything and everything on the company. Afterwards I waited a whole day to send a follow up email thanking them for the phone interview. Yes, I did the exact same thing most people do when sending text messages. I waited a period of time before responding so I wouldn’t seem so eager. Anyways…I told them that I was willing to let them test me as a writer. After that it’s basically history. I was given a prompt that was due by Friday.

The rest of that week I studied fashion trends inside and out and prepared a pretty decent piece on the LRD (Little Red Dress, yes that’s a thing). Since it’s not being published I’ll post it here for you to read.


Painting the town Red

“When in doubt, wear red” fashion Designer Bill Blass once said. Still holding true today, this color has been seen on everyone from Anne Hathaway to Emma Watson. Plus nothing says you’re ready for a night out like a LRD (little red dress). Passionate, intense, and vibrant this eye catching color is known to turn heads.

This particular ABS dress can easily go from day to night or summer to fall without very much effort. The black accents around the waist also create a slimming effect and illusion of a smaller waist. Paired with your favorite black heels or a smoky eye shadow, you’ll instantly be ready for a girl’s night!

So ditch your traditional black dress or other staple and go for a color that shows your fiery side. As Maria Sharapova said “If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red.”


The overall moral of this story is if you ever feel a company doesn’t think you’re fit for a position don’t sell yourself short! Tell them you’re willing to intern or ask them to test your ability. It landed me with a position where I am a published writer. I’m sure it will land you a position with the company of your dreams too.


Ashley Nicole.


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