What an Experience!


Happy Monday! I had a wonderful music/fashion filled weekend in L.A thanks to B.E.T. This is the second year B.E.T has held this event in L.A. to promote the award show last night. While I didn’t get a chance to see the show I did get to spend my weekend with some amazing performers and friends. Here are some of my favorite pictures that I took and some of the wonderful people that I’ve met. Looking forward to continue networking and interacting with everyone.

20140628_165136 4ey 20140628_193343 20140628_193348 20140628_192742 20140628_180004 20140628_135745 20140628_192426 20140628_142845 20140628_142541 20140628_195629 20140628_162111 20140628_165918 20140628_172040

I won tons of free shirts, took a bunch of selfies, received some free CD’s and got hit on by a creepy 40 year old man. Not to mention made some pretty decent business connections. The future is still looking bright for me with getting a career going and this past weekend definitely solidified what I want to be doing by September 1st. I hope your weekend was just as eventful!


Ashley Nicole.



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