Oh my, I love July.

 photo hellojuly.png

Today is the third day of July one of my favorite months of the year. July is in the middle of the summer and makes me think of adventures, exploring, and making new friends. Some of the things I enjoy most in life (I actually took that photo while exploring).

Besides that July is the only month other than January that inspires me to get fit and healthy. It’s just something about fresh lemonade and night swimming that makes me want to get slim. But I also am insanely in love with Netflix and am not sure how to separate myself from it. Luckily I don’t have to after finding these wonderful workouts online that incorporate both my love for being healthy with my addiction to Netflix.

 photo enhanced-buzz-9626-1402690163-17.jpg  photo enhanced-buzz-1659-1402696738-24.jpg photo enhanced-8348-1402697807-1.jpg  photo enhanced-14795-1402704651-14.jpg

If you’re not huge on Netflix but still love getting slim while watching T.V. here are a couple of others.

It might be the middle of the summer but it’s never too late to get a beach body. Using these workouts you should be done in no time!


Ashley Nicole.


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