Sunday Funday: Life Update and things I loved last week.

HAPPY SUNDAY! It’s the first Sunday of one of my favorite months “July”! This is the second installment of my Sunday Funday series of posts so I figured I would give you a little update on my life. I am still waiting for a callback from Chipotle (I had my 2nd interview). Last week I was finally published on ABS Style (I can officially call myself a fashion blogger). I gave myself Marley Twists yesterday for the first time and I think they came out pretty good. Its one of my favorite protective hairstyles for my hair outside of loc extensions.

Speaking of locs and loc extensions I am IN LOVE with Ciara’s hair! Have you seen it? Here are a few photos in case you missed this shocking yet beautiful adjustment.



Ciara in my opinion is one of the most underrated performers in the industry today. She can easily compete with any R & B singer today (except Bey of course). Currently she is planning her wedding with rapper fiance Future and working on a new album. According to an interview the songstress had with W magazine in April she believes that this is her best album yet. One can only hope that she’ll rock these dreads throughout the album and on her wedding day because Ciara looks amazing!

Along with finding out about Ciara’s beautiful new look I have discovered some pretty amazing artists this week and heard some pretty amazing songs.

Moe Waveyy is my favorite artist I discovered last week and this song is a true representation why. With a flow very reminiscent of older hip hop artists but a sound that is perfect for a newer generation of music enthusiast Moe Waveyy is an artist that I suggest you pay close attention to. He’s not only talented but also attractive. However, that’s beyond the point. I see nothing but a bright things in his future. After all he makes “music for the thinkers got flow for the drinkers”.

Another song that I am in love with (totally wish there was more then one song released) is by Pearl! The debut album is scheduled to be released next Tuesday (July 15th) and all we’ve been given is “I Know” but honestly that’s all I need to know.This particular track features an up and coming artist from Toranto named Alcordo. Personally, I love the mystery surrounding this album and song. It’s the perfect cold weather song or even just for a relaxing night in.

After hearing that song I needed to know more about Alcordo and after looking at her soundcloud I have fallen head over heels in love. Her smooth vocals are easily comparable to singers like Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Sade and others. I rarely get chills from listening to an artist but her voice easily makes me forget about what I was doing and I instantly start craving wine or chocolate (that’s a positive).If an artist can do that they’re a keeper and someone to watch. I’m hoping to hear more music from her in the future.

Hope you all have an amazingly productive week! Remember we’re all in this together. One world. One love.


Ashley Nicole.


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