Changing ambitions: WE’RE ON FACEBOOK and here’s some advice

That’s right! Twe1ve2 has officially made it to Facebook. Well, I finally decided to create a Facebook page for Twe1ve2. Why the wait? Well I wanted to build some sort of following and make sure blogging was something I was actually passionate about. Not just a past time like the time I was really into drawing anime or wanted to be a chef.

(You can check out the Facebook page here ) Ambitions change all the time in one way or another because we change as people. What we wanted yesterday might not necessarily be what we want today. Sometimes what we thought was best for us might not even be what is best anymore. This doesn’t necessarily mean a career goal or a hobby but everything about our lives. There is always the chance you’ll wake up and realize “hey, I don’t need this in my life anymore”.

That’s why I waited before I created a Facebook page and I suggest anyone interested in becoming a blogger does. This isn’t something you should jump into without a passion for it.

Along with that here are a couple of other little tidbits of advice that I am sure can help you along with anything you plan on doing.

  1. Scheduling is not always your friend. I know a lot of people schedule when they post because well…they want their followers to know when to expect something from them. For me that doesn’t work. I get inspired at the craziest times to write. I was up at 3:45 in the morning once and had a great idea for a topic to write. So I wrote it and published it the next day. However, the next day I couldn’t think of anything to write about for my next blog post so I didn’t write anything. That’s ok! I personally can’t come up with tons of topics to write on the spot. As long as I accomplish the amount I want to post a week I’m content.
  2. Revise. Revise…REVISE! I always hated revising while I was in college. I figured my best work was when I wrote under pressure. That is slightly true. I do write my best when I sit down and give myself a time frame to complete it but there is always room for improvement. Therefore, I find myself revising 20 or more times before anything reaches what I feel comfortable letting you read. I’d like to thank Hiram College for letting me know the importance of a good rough draft.
  3. Think Powerpoint. Remember all those PowerPoint presentations you’ve done? Well some of the information you learned on there can easily be applied to here. Such as pictures are everything? As people we become more engaged when we have images to go with what we are reading. However, don’t add too many pictures or it can become distracting. So keep that in mind when you’re trying to decide whether or not to include that extra picture.

I could have made this list super long but there are plenty of sources out there that can provide you with lengthy information on how to perfect your blog and etc. Plus there is no definitive way to create or maintain a blog. So just do what feels right to you!


Ashley Nicole.

P.S. In other news I have applied for jobs/internships in Los Angeles/ West Hollywood, Fresno and New York and am still hopeful that I will get a job in my field of choice!


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