Sunday Funday: The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman


IT’S SUNDAY! Are you excited for the week? I should be traveling to Fresno, California soon (if not today than sometime soon) to visit my brother, take a much needed vacation and handle some business. Basically job hunt and apartment search. Anyways every Saturday(and I mean EVERY even if it’s like 2am because Sunday for me doesn’t start until I wake up) I will review a movie I have recently seen. Whether it is good or bad. Oh and I promise to try and not give too many spoilers. However, today I will do a movie review because I have recently seen “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman” and I need to discuss it. Plus if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter (which you should/links are on the right) you know I promised this review last night.

“The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman” is a whirlwind of a movie that is about a mans quest for self discovery after his mothers death. As the story unfolds you discover that Charlie can see dead people, he falls in love with a man he met on an airplanes daughter, she’s married/not married/in a civil union with a killer, and “Ron Weasley” is an aspiring porn star. Or at least that is what I get from the movie. However, something about this movie has me wanting more.

I understand why many reviewers dislike it. The story lacks an easy to follow narrative and the passion between Shia Labeouf and Evan Rachel Wood is mediocre at best. But there are some good points to the film.

For example Shia Labeouf being beautiful or just the casting in general. Evan Rachel Wood and Shia might not have had the best chemistry but both of their acting on an individual note was perfect. Even the supporting actors Rupert Grint, James Buckley and everyone else I don’t think deserves to be mentioned were perfect too. 

Honestly, the film made me feel as if I was probably inside the directors mind and his vision came to life on screen. My only request is that next have an easier to follow story. I understood that the cops were looking for Evan Rachel Woods husband (probably because he murdered people) but I don’t feel that it was developed well. I didn’t have a chance to be intertwined in Charlie’s life. Of course other than the sympathy I felt for him because his mom died or for the 30 second story about his ex girlfriend (I could have dealt without).

Despite the flaws in the film I give it a C-. Evan Rachel Wood’s acting was amazing and Shia LaBeouf was well Shia. Mads Mikkelsen played an impressive killer obsessive ex husband and everyone else did amazing despite being irrelevantly relevant. The quirkiness of the film kept me watching and helped me to forget how awful the script was. Plus the cinematography was gorgeous. Would I recommend this movie to a friend? No, but I would suggest you give it a shot I have seen worse.


Ashley Nicole.


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