What if: 10 songs that would have been better if sung by another artist

There are successful artist with successful songs, unsuccessful artist with successful songs, successful artist with unsuccessful songs and then there are songs and artist that are equally unsuccessful. Sometimes it’s not because the artist but they’re unsuccessful because of poor management (JoJo) .
Not everyone can be accepted into their chosen genre but their songs are still perfect either way. So here’s a list based on my favorite list from VH1 (Check out the VH1 list here).

10. Come Alive- Paris Hilton

Would be a hit if sung by Britney Spears. 

I know this song  just came out but lets be honest it’s not going to get any views other than the people who are listening because it’s Paris. However, if this was sung by Britney Spears (who it kind of sounds like) this song would be a major hit on the radio. It already has a Britney-esque appeal.

9. Marry Me- Jason Derulo

Would be a hit if sung by Chris Brown.

I’m not a huge fan of Jason Derulo in general but this particular song was beautiful…it just needed something he couldn’t provide some soul. Chris Browns vocal range would have made this the biggest engagement song since “All My Life” by KC and JoJo. Okay maybe not that big but you get what I’m trying to say. Jason Derulo just doesn’t have the vocals to make this song amazing.

8. Without Me- Fantasia ft. Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliot

Would be a hit if sung by Kelly Rowland ft Missy Elliot.

Do you remember this song? No? Well yeah, it happened. It has nothing to do with the fact that this is a bad song because it’s actually amazing the issue is Fantasia is not a sex symbol. The song has a sultry sound that fits Kelly Rowlands voice but without Fantasia. Remove her from the song and you have an instant hit.

7. Beautiful- Miguel and Mariah Carey 

Would be a hit if sung by Ariana Grande and Justin Beiber or Miguel.

First off I’d prefer Mariah Carey to stop wearing skimpy outfits despite how much I love listening to her sing and watching videos with her…the outfits have to stop. Anyways this is probably the most popular song on the list. Actually I really LOVE this song but think it could have been such a bigger hit if it were a pop song (an actual pop song with pop singers). Justin Beiber replacing Miguel would have been a better move for him to mature as an artist as opposed to his last CD along with Ariana Grande. However, if Ariana sang it with Miguel I believe it would have given the artists a chance to expand their audiences.

6. Dj got us falling in love again- Usher

Would be a hit if sung by Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull or Flo Rida.

Remember when Usher decided he wanted to do pop music? Now pretend that it was a Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull or Flo Rida! I love Usher and this song but when I think pop I definitely think of later mentioned.

5. Your love- Nicki Minaj

Would be a hit if rapped by Nicki Minaj and the chorus was sung by Rihanna.

Just imagine how much better that song would be with Rihanna. This was one of Nicki Minaj’s first songs after being signed and was also the point in time where she thought she could sing so it’s understandable that she tried to do the song without someone on the chorus. It would have been a better move if she would have attached Rihanna to the song though.


Would be a hit if sung by Jason Derulo.

Maybe I’m too old to appreciate this song but I think if it were sung by Jason Derulo and made a little more masculine I would be in heaven.

3. Money Can’t Buy (Love)- Ne-yo ft Jeezy 

Would be a hit if sung by Trey Songz ft Jay-Z or Ne-yo and Rick Ross.

I will always love Ne-yo and his vocal capabilities but this song…should have been sung by Trey Songz ft Jay-Z. Could you imagine if they did a song and it was done right? Yeah, a girl can dream.
Ne-yo and Rick Ross would have been an equally better combination too. Or maybe if we just get rid of Jeezy in general…

2. Chandelier- Sia 

Would be a hit if sung by Katy Perry

The more I listen the more I like it but if Katy Perry sang it I would not need repetitive listening to love it.

1. Party and Bullshit- Rita Ora

Would be a hit if sung by Katy Perry.

This song was a hit but not in the states. Bubble gum pop usually needs a less powerful voice. Rita Ora is an excellent singer and one of the best to come out recently but she is probably going to suffer the same problems Christina Aguilera had…finding her genre. This was not the song to do that with. Even the video screams flashback to Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F).

Well there you have it. My list of songs that could have been better if performed by other artist. Are there any that I missed or you can think of?


Ashley Nicole.


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