Fashion Fridays: 10 stylish sites for the Fashion lover on a budget

I love shopping! Do you love shopping? If so then you’ll probably love this post too. I actually hate list posts and I seem to be doing a lot of them lately (Bucket list and Top 10 songs would have been better by someone else) but this one is kind of important. I just graduated from college so I lived the past four years of my life on a budget. However, that doesn’t mean I had to dress poorly. Being fashionable on a budget is a real thing! So here are some of my favorite sites that I barely hear about, hear about a lot, or are just perfect for every occasion.

1. Haute Look Click Here

Looking for your inner Carrie Bradshaw? Well I suggest you stop and go to this site. This is one of my favorite sites to shop from online and probably the most popular and well-known next to (JustFab)! Not only do they have amazing deals daily but they’re daily! They have everything from shoes to beauty products (or suntan lotion). Whenever anyone asks me for an amazing site to purchase clothing online I always suggest to check deals here first.

2. Groopdealz Click Here

I have no clue how I came across this site but one day I was searching an old email address and decided to check out some of websites I had signed up for. Let me tell you that this site is perfect! Everything is super cute and very budget friendly. A lot of the clothing is 50-60% off retail value to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck. Also if your a fashion designer or would like to be an affiliate with them they make it very easy through their user-friendly website. Making this even more important for any fashion blogger to check out.

3. JustFab Click Here

I didn’t know I had an addiction to purchasing shoes until I made an account with this website. 90% of my heels come from here and ALL of my boots have been purchased from here (it gets cold in Ohio). The only downside is that they charge you monthly unless you remember to skip. So if you don’t have the money you better remember or you’re out of luck. On a positive note, they give you a nice little credit when you forget to order shoes. Oh and did I mention you get a magazine with purchases now? Yeah, JustFab is pretty amazing.

4. Julep Click Here

I like painting my nails just as much as the next girl. So much that Julep has become the most important website in my life. I have been using them for a year and don’t regret it at all. For the fashionista on a budget who wants to be animal friendly this company is even more important for you to invest your money into. All of their products are animal cruelty free. Yes, for $20 you can get multiple nail polishes or other goodies a month. They also cater to your own personal style that is figured out through an online quiz. I’m a bombshell…what are you?

5. Hello Holiday Click Here

So my junior year of college I created this lovely list of stores that I would shop from exclusively. This was the first store on that list. While it might not be the cheapest site I am in love with every outfit that it has to offer. Whether I want an outfit for the beach, a night out with the girls or a friend’s wedding this site has it all! Don’t believe me just see for yourself and if you think you can’t afford it check out the sale rack I’m sure you’ll find something.

6. GoJane Click Here

Go Jane is another site that I discovered my junior year and instantly fell in love with. They take pride in providing clothes for “progressive women” and I completely agree. Not only that but their extremely affordable and worth every penny you pay. The discounts Go Jane provides are through the roof and can be found in their sale section or Last Call. Many of my favorite dresses, shoes, and accessories have been found here. So I completely endorse this site.

7. Kely Clothing Click Here

Need a dress? This is the best place to buy one. All of their dresses are reasonably priced and gorgeous. Need to go to a wedding? Then stop here. Currently they have some of my favorite non-white dresses (because we all know you can’t wear white to a wedding). So if you’re looking for a pop of color or a lack of color to wear I suggest you stop here and pick up a dress.

8. Missguided Click Here

I can’t get enough of Missguided! They provide a discount for college students and you can shop for basically any current trend. Looking for a co-ordinate outfit? This is the only stop you need to make. Romper or Jumpsuit more of your thing? Still the only stop you’ll ever need to make. As soon as a trend hits stop here and I’m 100% positive you will find everything you need and more!

9. Myunidays Click Here

I’m not going to say much about this site because it’s probably the best on the list if you’re in college. It links you to tons of clothing sites that provides you with discounts 10% up and more. All you have to do is create an account with your college email and verify that you’re a college student.

10.Oasis Click Here

Last but not least Oasis. Oasis is one of my favorite sites when I have the urge to purchase something but can’t quite think of what I would like to purchase. I know I keep talking about dresses and I’ve been skipping over blouses and more but that’s because this is my favorite site to purchase a blouse from. They order the clothing according to color and I think that has to be one of the best ideas ever thought of. Whether you need something for the day or night Oasis can help all your needs.

I think I might have a shopping problem but that’s alright. As long as I keep shopping at these sites I won’t hurt my bank account too much as I freelance my way through life.


Ashley Nicole.


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