Movie Night: Robot & Frank (spoilers…so many spoilers)

For this movie review I took some notes and decided to share them with you. During my screenwriting class I decided that writing, pausing, and rewinding were the best methods for me to be able to understand a movie entirely. No, I don’t do this for every film I watch but I follow this method for films that I am going to review. So here are a couple (not) just a couple of my thoughts throughout the film.

What: Robot & Frank

When: 7/18/2014

Where: Netflix (my computer/my parents house)

  • Frank= Ex Jewel thief
  • Frank likes to continue to try to steal even though he’s old
  • It’s pretty obvious he likes this old librarian (Susan Sarandon)
  • Welp he’s stealing stuff again…
  • Wait was this lady on Saturday night live? Let me IMDB
  • Yup, Ana Gasteyer
  • James Marsden is in the movie and it was even advertised with him as being a co-star! (I screamed when I saw him on-screen no like literally I am in love with him).
  • So this is the robot? Okay let’s see where this movie is going to go
  • Inciting incident?
  • “That thing is going to murder me in my sleep”-Frank
  • He doesn’t like the robot okay
  • Now he’s okay with the robot
  • Aww they’re best friends now. Well as close as they can get he’s a robot after all.
  • So he’s taking the robot to the library
  • He’s stealing while the robot is around and he’s getting him out of trouble
  • They broke into a library…this is such a random location I hope it’s explained later…
  • Still don’t know why he’s at the library (I think they said why but I missed it)
  • Okay, he wanted to steal something for the lady he’s seeing at this party
  • OMG they know he broke into the library…this awkward guy
  • ————————————————————————-

I’m not spoiling the rest of the movie for you because it’s AMAZING and probably the best movie I have seen recently. Frank Langella did an amazing job as Frank and I was completely in love with the film from start to finish. This was director Jake Schreier first major film and I am pretty sure he is going to be making more milestones as a director. Not to mention the writer Christopher D. Ford whom without this amazing screenplay it wouldn’t exist.

I usually cry in films especially dramas but because I was so in love with the concept of this movie I didn’t cry. The level of realism this film possessed despite being set in the future was beautiful. My favorite piece of the film was the cinematography. We’re constantly watching movies or reading novels where the future has flying cards, jet packs and etc. However, this film provided us with a fresh look into the future…a fresh realistic look.

Well I hope you check it out and love it just as much as I did! I’ll try to start posting earlier in the day!

Ps. Life update: I’m moving! I didn’t get hired at Chipotle but I have an interview at another Chipotle and a phone interview as a temp. Plus I’ve been applying for writing positions that I really hope I get. So we’ll see where this goes. Wish me luck!



Ashley Nicole.


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