Ashlee Cee to Ashley Clayton: My social media Journey

Download / By Jay Wennington

I remember when Myspace first came on the scene. I was obsessed with it. I ran a Myspace layout site, attempted to be a site model, and had several role play accounts (yes I was an anime role player). When Facebook started rising in popularity I switched over and instantly attempted to learn how to use the site and became just as obsessed. Now years later I have fallen in love with all forms of social media.

At first I attempted to keep my social media life and my personal life separate. Why? Well that’s what I have always been taught in school. However, that is not the case any longer. Depending on what you want to do as a career utilizing social media might be your only option. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many internships and jobs I have applied to that ask for my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, even Tumblr name so that they could verify my social media knowledge.

That’s when I realized it was time for me to drop my nickname of Ashlee Cee on all my social media accounts and finally call myself Ashley Clayton (Ashley Nicole for my blog). Now I can utilize each network to its full potential in job searching. I have even received information about potential job opportunities, internships, and sponsorship programs by simply being more available online.

Here’s a list of how I use social media to find jobs and etc. (basically connecting with future employers):

LinkedIn-This is where it all started. I began joining pages to promote my blog and myself. I haven’t found this to be useful for anything other than showing that I have an interest in topics on my profile. I have always loved LinkedIn for being a place that professionals can meet. I do think that LinkedIn is best used for staying connected as opposed with getting connected with business professionals. So if I had the opportunity to tell someone what to use this site for I would suggest just that. Use it to stay connected with people you have met not people you would like to meet.

Twitter- I honestly didn’t know how useful Twitter was for getting connected with professionals and finding a job. My blog has soared due to the interactions I have made with people and the type of tweets I have begun tweeting. Bloggers, sites helping bloggers, social media experts, and entrepreneurs have started to follow me like crazy. Plus it’s always refreshing to be able to have actual conversations with people who don’t just tweet #Daquan. Also have you ever tried searching twitter for jobs? Hashtags are one of the best ways to find a job on the internet in my opinion. I am already a Twitter addict so being able to search for a job on Twitter makes job hunting a lot more fun for me.

Facebook- When I first got my Facebook I decided that I wanted to keep it separate from all of my professional accounts. I used the name Ashlee Cee than Ashlee Clayton to avoid associating the two. We’re always spoon fed horror stories of how companies don’t want to see images of from our personal lives that are too graphic or potentially hurt your character. So I kept the two separate until Twe1ve2. My blog caused me to realize the importance of Facebook. I have grown the number of views and followers. Not to mention learned tons of blogging techniques.

Facebook has always been an amazing way to connect with people and as of today I now understand it’s importance in finding a job. I actually was sent information for a part-time position because I responded back to a woman in a Facebook group! If you ask me Facebook is the best tool for all job hunting needs.

Some pretty useful sites (non social media): Craigslist, Indeed, Snagajob, Elance (I love this site), and Muse!

Are there any sites that you think are great for finding a job?


Ashley Nicole.


P.S. I am officially apart of my first Bloggers Network (HerCampus)!


36 thoughts on “Ashlee Cee to Ashley Clayton: My social media Journey

  1. I remember site models.. hahah I joined Myspace like right after it was made, before anyone knew what it was. I also design layouts for it as well. I was on there until it was officially pointless in 2010, 7 years on there… What was your layout site name on there? I had a few from The Layout Site to Combat Boot Design to Dejavu Chicks.. haha I still have my design’s page on there.. I don’t remember the login though. Good times!


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