Movie Night: Mean Girls and Clueless!

Basically I’m not reviewing a movie tonight. I really wanted to watch Mean Girls and Clueless instead. Yes, I could have reviewed them and discussed how I felt about these movies. Honestly though, they’re classics and I happen to adore these two films. So instead of me going on a “I love these movies and why” rant I will post some of my favorite scenes, lines and show how these films relate to the lives of basically every 20 something girl or just me.

If you haven’t seen the movies they’re both on Netflix (thank goodness) so I suggest you start watching. Plus it’s always fun to remember a time when Lindsay Lohan wasn’t crazy and Alicia Silverstone was our fashion idol.

Both films host a series of life lessons that we use(On Wednesdays we wear pink!) and words that we dare not say (fetch?).

Sorry, I guess I’m rambling on about why I love these movies like I promised I wouldn’t. So let me stop trying to make fetch happen, get off the phone with my best friend who’s sitting next to me and show basically how all girls have a little Cher in them!

(All images were taken from google/tumblr)

When a guy likes me and I’m completely not interested.

Basically the story of most girls lives (or at least how we/I feel it is)

When I realize that I have everything finished for the day or week!

Basically when I try to flirt…

What I’m assuming people think when they see my hair.

All my Pinterest diy creations…

When my parents offered me my first alcoholic drink.

When my friends get complimented on their clothes that I helped them pick out.

When someone younger than me asks me about sex.

Me in a club…no literally me in a club.

I just really liked this quote so I included it haha.

I love Mean Girls and Clueless and can’t wait to watch them a million times on Netflix! Are there any quotes from these movies that you relate to?


Ashley Nicole.

P.S. I’m moving tomorrow (FINALLY) so I might not be posting a lot this week…but I will try my best!


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