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I was asked a really interesting question recently that jolted me into deep thought. “What is your current favorite fashion trend?” Instantly thoughts of Lisa Bonet popped in my head. Her dreads, curls, long, short, straight everything about her hair just drives me insane. Than I started to picture her clothes. Effortless, nomadic, unique. Her style screams of wanderlust. A woman who would rather explore life than be required to adjust to societal norms. Lisa Bonet is sort of my life idol in every way (any girl that gets Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa is well liked in my book). Her characters on T.V. (The Cosby Show, A Different World, a bunch of other random stuff) aren’t the only person that dares to stand out. So does Lisa. Her style is Bohemian.

Download / By Brooklyn Morgan

Bohemian has always been my favorite style even before it became a major fashion trend and anytime I am able to express it is a big deal. I feel it best represents the change in 20 somethings. We are all longing for more, searching for our place in the world and it is being expressed beautifully through this effortless look (that is easily transferable from 3 day festival to a walk around the town).

However, with fall quickly approaching the need to adjust their wardrobes is driving Boho lovers everywhere to the store.

Are you a 20 something trying to get the Boho look? Here are just a few of my favorite outfits from stores that can help you recreate the look very easily. Especially if you love to shop or window shop or online shop or online window shop. I prefer all but some people have ones that they prefer either way here you go!


This forever 21 model looks gorgeous in her paisley fringe kimono and ripped jeans. Purchase the kimono for $32.80 at and then go splurging through their sales section. New Denim is starting at $7 and all sale items are up to 75% off. No wonder I absolutely adore Forever21 their fashions fit my style to a complete T.


With fall quickly approaching it’s time to bring out the booties! When I first went to college I never would have imagined that booties would become my favorite shoe. Especially since I love sandals so much but booties simply go with every outfit. This particular bootie can be purchased online at as apart of the Anniversary sale for $134.90. This boot provides the perfect western feel with the mixture of studs and well-worn suede. Not to mention most sizes fit true to size.


I actually own a very similar pair of these (of course I do I love boho) pants from Maurices. These olive tie waist pants are amazingly comfortable and only cost $34.00 at! My favorite thing about these pants is the color. Because boho primarily focuses on earth tones and neutrals these pants are great for pairing with a blouse that encompasses oranges and browns.

Humble Chic

Remember those boots I loved earlier? Well since it is getting closer to the fall I think they would look just amazing mixed with this dress that can be found at on sale for $59.00. Humble chic has quickly become one of my favorite stops when getting clothes that are boho-chic! Boho is all about prints so anytime you can find a dress that is this much of steal it is worth the investment.

Free People

I did say Boho is all about patterns right? Well this print is gorgeous on this romper from This floral print romper is open-backed and the v-neck plunge shows just enough skin to still be modest while keeping you warm for the rest of the summer. Or even the rest of the fall if you live in a warmer climate like myself.

Love Culture

Last but not least accessories! These colorful bangles from are gorgeous! Even if boho isn’t your style I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want this in jewelry box. The price on these particular ones are $10.90 but I wouldn’t stop there! Love Culture has tons of bangles and accessories to help you finish off your look. Need a bag? They also have a gorgeous leatherette hobo bag that can be purchased here for $24.30!

With all of these deals I don’t understand how someone couldn’t be apart of this trend unless they didn’t like it. But with the comfort and versatility of this trend I’m not sure why you wouldn’t like it.

What are your favorite trends? Is there a particular item that’s your favorite for the boho trend? Who’s your style icon? I’d love to hear from you all!


Ashley Nicole


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