Sunday Funday: Love the life I’m livin, livin the life I love


I have had the best possible summer a girl could imagine.

I officially have my own apartment (that I share with my brother and niece). I run a pretty successful blog. I have graduated college. I have made amazing connections through networking on my blog. I have a pretty amazing person in my life that sends me Chipotle gift cards. I am interning with a wonderful lady and am in the process of applying for another internship. I have successfully lost 10 pounds. My hair has grown A LOT and I’m all around happier about life. The only thing I am missing is a job/career. However, I am still very hopeful that I will be securing a job/career. It’s in the stars I believe it!

I decided to reroute my job goals by seeking a retail or restaurant position. A lot of the interviews have been fun others not so much (Buckle was the most unprofessional interview I have ever received in my life). But a long the way the I learned one thing. No matter how much you prepare for an interview you might not ever truly be prepared. Here are some of the questions I have been asked in an interview.

  1. What’s your favorite fashion trend? Fortunately I love BOHO so much that I can describe that trend to the T. Other than that I might have basically bombed that question.
  2. What will be in your closet this fall? I love tights and neutrals. Basically fall colors are my favorite colors so this question works perfectly for me.
  3. Sell me this item. Seriously? So I was asked to sell something in the room and I chose my cell phone case. I mentioned boho, and pops of color. I think I overdid it.
  4. Do you have any questions for me? Pretty standard…I always ask the same question why do you love your job? The responses are priceless. Questions not to ask, why should I pick this company over another company? Yeah, someone asked that.
  5. You have a blog wow, what’s it called? Maybe this is hurting me…maybe it’s not. But, every company wants to know what my blog is.

Have you been asked any interesting questions during job interviews? I would love to know!


Ashley Nicole.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Love the life I’m livin, livin the life I love

  1. I love the tone of this post! So optimistic and happy. Glad to read about so many happy things in your life. I hope I achieve some of these things when I’ve graduated college, ha.

    I just started my blog and have been debating whether to mention it in job interviews for not… Good luck on the job hunt!


    • I completely agree my blog is fairly new and mentioning it has been a total debate for me but it sparks a lot of conversations with potential employers. I’ve always been told an interview should be like a conversation lol.
      I’m sure you’ll do fine after college just make sure to start early! 🙂


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