20 times Buster Baxter (from Arthur) was basically my spirit animal

If you’ve never watched Arthur than you are missing out on an important part of what makes life so great. Essentially Arthur is a children’s show on PBS Kids about a child name Arthur, his friends, and family. Two seasons are on Netflix and most episodes are on Youtube (trust me I know these things). Honestly though, despite the show being called Arthur the best and most memorable moments are episodes that are heavily Buster Baxter induced.

Who’s Buster you ask? Buster is that Rabbit at the top of this post. That’s who he is! Buster is my spirit animal, my role model, and everything under the sun (next to Muffy who is equally as awesome). So here are a list of times I realized that Buster and I were basically the same person.

When someone tells me they don’t have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Well maybe not jambalaya but I seriously have an obsession for Chipotle that is a little unnerving…

Basically every Friday or Saturday night in college.

Replace shakes with shots and Buster and I have yet again become the same person.

In every interview I have ever had I discuss how positive and optimistic I am which is basically what Buster is being in this picture. Number 1 with a twin is definitely winning!

 photo tumblr_n22vc59xm41sg522co5_500.jpg

Do I really need to explain this one? Sleep = LIFE.

Obviously Buster has an amazing sense of style like myself!

Pizza is happiness. Happiness is pizza. Pizza is all.

Busters love for food equals my love for food. I definitely traded (and still do trade) things for food all the time. Toys, pens, pencils, paper, cleaning for people. Yeah, food is life.

Can anyone really name all 50 states? I’m with you Buster 30 is pushing it.

Have you watched Sex and the City or Awkward? I did my whole senior research paper on the shows and let me tell you…I’m not really sure that Carrie Bradshaw and Jenna Hamilton aren’t real people. Seriously…

 photo tumblr_maqo0065vX1rbji2uo2_1280.jpg

Always finding the nicest ways to insult people.

I played basketball for a few years. It wasn’t really my thing except for the team dinners. ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFETS?! Your girl was in heaven!

I live and breathe fortune cookies.

As I type this I am eating a chicken taco. Just let that sink in.

Oh and let me not forget how I feel when I’m wearing new clothes or an amazing outfit.

As you can see me and Buster Baxter are basically the same person. The only different between us is him being a cartoon rabbit. Other than that me and Buster are destined to be friends. Maybe one of these days I’ll write about how similar Muffy Crosswire and I are (another Arthur character) but that’s a potential post for another time.


Ashley Nicole.


5 thoughts on “20 times Buster Baxter (from Arthur) was basically my spirit animal

  1. You’ll never know how sentimental this is to me. My sister and I watched every single episode of Arthur, and probably watched every single episode twice or even three times. We loved it, and with my little cousins we actually pretended to be the characters a lot of the time. I was Francine because we were practically one in the same, and my cousin was Arthur, his little sister was DW… I’m sure you get the drift.
    I can’t even watch Arthur now without a tear coming to my eye, because my sister passed away and it brings back a flood of memories. Sometimes though, I’ll put it on when I’m home alone and if not watch it from start to finish, I’ll listen to it while I do something in another room and imagine my sister is sitting on the couch the way it used to be…
    Awe… Thanks for this… 🙂


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