Why every girl needs a male wing-man (an ode to my wing-man)

Download / By Dominik Martin

Sorry for the accidental blogger break you guys but I’m back and better than ever!

Today is a pretty special day for me. One of my favorite people in the entire world turns 21 today! MARIO. Basically our friendship started when an acquaintance of mine had shown an interest in him and started talking to him. Despite their awkward (yes awkward) situation our friendship blossomed and throughout the rest of my years at Hiram he had quickly become my one of my best friends. A statement I use loosely but in this situation I mean ever word of it.

Why? Well a girl needs her wing man or male best friend and this I found in him. Someone whom if they wanted to could incriminate my life but because they care wouldn’t dream of it.

I know I talk about hating top 10 posts and etc. all the time but you’re going to have to deal with me through one more. Today is a pretty special day and I think every girl should know why having a wing man is an amazing feeling.

  1. They can get the inside scoop on guys you’re creeping on. There was a certain football player I was interested in at Hiram my senior year who played on the same side of the ball as Mario. Thus I used Mario to get closer to him and tell me everything he could possibly find out…I probably could have asked another guy friend but they might have gotten weirded out by it. Mario on the other hand was like “That’s who you’re interested in? Ok.” Well it didn’t go exactly like that but you get the picture.
  2. They know you’re favorite drink. TEQUILA is life. One day Mario and his girlfriend surprised me with an unopened bottle of tequila mixer they weren’t using because well they love me. Basically that was a GREAT DAY.
  3. Long walks and conversations without physical attraction is a real thing. Who said guys and girls can’t be friends? My junior year we spent like an entire day together walking around campus, cleaning his room, and just talking about life. Yeah, real bestie stuff.
  4. Gossiping isn’t just for your girl friends.  My entire senior year was spent discussing how awful guys were at various things. We’d laugh or I’d laugh and he’d feel uncomfortable. I’m not really sure. What I am sure of is he listened and never complained. More so than half my friends or “best friends” I have now. Mario always listened.
  5. Sometimes they do what is needed to be done even when you tell them it’s ok. So remember that football player I mentioned earlier. Well Mario sent him a text one day when we were hanging out telling him to stop being a B**** and speak to me. Despite me telling him he didn’t have to. That led to a very complicated first semester but I’m very luck to have had him send that text message. If he wouldn’t have I would have been stuck in limbo with the guy for longer than well…you know where this is going.
  6. You’ll always have someone who feels the same way about you as you do about them. Relationships may come and go but friendships if they’re meant to be they stay around. That’s my honest philosophy. Everyone has a soul mate but it’s not always necessarily your significant other. Now I’m not saying Mario is my soul mate (he’s far from it haha) but what I am saying is when I have a wedding he’s totally in the first batch of wedding invitations being sent out.
  7. Sometimes you don’t need pictures. I never took a single picture with Mario and I don’t think we need them. As a society we rely to heavy on pictures to recreate memories as opposed to memories painting pictures. When you have a real wing man or best friend you don’t stop to consider taking a picture. You live in the moment and enjoy every second you spend together.
  8. Your problems are their problem and their problems are your problems. It doesn’t matter if it’s stretching them a million times before a game, buying drinks for the weekend because their broke, or them getting into a HUGE fight with their girlfriend. Their problem is your problem and will always be that way.
  9. Secrets. Because everyone has secrets and they know all of your dirty ones.
  10. Wing man, best friend, bestie and all other nicknames actually mean something. Yeah, I like to throw words around loosely but occasionally I mean what I say. In the instance of a wing man every girl should actually mean it when they say it. Which is why I would never use that word to describe anyone accept him.

Happy Birthday bestie hope it was wonderful!


Ashley Nicole.


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