Sunday Funday: what I’m all about


So if you know me well (or know me at all) you know that I frequently say the phrase “I’m all about ______”. Basically that means that I’m obsessed with something. Anything at all. It could be music, a person, a movie, a book…like I said anything! So I decided that since I’m always all “about something” I would just share what I’m all about with you right.

Pokemon – Saturday Morning Slow Jams

I don’t know what it is about this but I love it! The girl has so much attitude and it puts a whole different spin on this classic cartoon theme song from my childhood. If you love it as much as I do I suggest you check out some more videos from this channel. What made me decide to follow the channel was the Guns N’ Roses cover so I would suggest that as a starting point. However, I know a lot of people who are in love with their renditions of Dark Horse by Katy Perry and Drunk In Love by Beyonce. Either way there is something for everyone.

Don Jon – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Do you have Netflix? If you answered yes than log on and watch this movie about a man addicted to porn. If you don’t have Netflix find someone who does, use their account (like most people), and watch this movie about a guy that’s addicted to porn. If you can’t do either cry slowly in a corner than get back on your computer and Google Don Jon and watch it on the internet. I really don’t care but somewhere somehow you must watch this movie today. I promise you it’s a much watch for anyone.

Whether you simply want to drool over Joseph Gordon-Levitt or remind yourself that you’re not as gorgeous as Scarlett Johansson (or vice versa) this movie is for everyone. So take my advice grab some popcorn, a hot date (or not), a blanket, and commence to watching this movie.

I am doing a movie review on it next week…yes I am bring Netflix Saturdays!

20 Great Moments in Dj Khaled Being Dj Khaled- Complex Magazine

I love complex magazine and I love the website even more. I’m ALWAYS all about complex complex website. When I’m sad or need to feel better about my life I simply go on here and read an article about anything. So this week when I stumbled across this article I had to share it with anyone and everyone. Its a rather old article they posted a couple of months ago but I still find it to be one of the funniest things I have ever come across. It’s almost as funny as their article about Rick Ross and his love for lemon pepper wings from Wingstop.

The second half of my senior year in college was spent reading complex magazine and discussing articles on my campus radio station with my co-host Lemon (to avoid using her first name). We had tons of fun and I know if I were still attending Hiram we would definitely be utilizing this article for our pop culture discussions.

CLUELESS. So basically I love Clueless. It represents my life or what I would have liked my life to have been like in high school. Cher is everything and so is Dionne. I love Clueless so much that I wrote a post on it (and Mean Girls) and am currently in the process of finding the Cher to my Dionne for Halloween.

When I discuss Clueless I am not just talking about the movie. I’m discussing the entire franchise. The fashion trends it forged forward, the television series, Stacey Dash, Elisa Donovan, and Donald Faison. Of course Clueless was an amazing movie but it was more than that. Clueless speaks to me in a way that Mean Girls doesn’t and can’t. It’s like my own personal version of every Molly Ringwald movie rolled up into one film with a prettier cast.

Needless to say Clueless will forever be placed in my top 5 guilty pleasure flicks of all time (I don’t always openly express my love for this film).


Ashley Nicole.


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