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I’m going to be posting everyday and decided to share with you all what will be posted on what days and etc. That way you know what days to come back and check the blog if you’re not subscribed. BUT I highly suggest you still subscribe you never know when I might do something crazy and post twice in one day, mention a give away, blog hop, anything.

Sunday- Sunday Funday and Sunday Recaps

I already post on Sundays as a recap of fun things I’ve seen throughout the week or anything I feel will make you smile. So this isn’t anything new but Sunday recaps (which will be a separate post) is new. Basically with that I will list the blog posts I’ve written throughout the week with a brief summary of each. Than at the bottom if there are any blogs I’ve read that I absolutely adore for that week I will have a list of them there as well.

Monday- Motivational Mondays

Monday’s are typically the hardest day of the week for people. After a long weekend of rest, partying or work people just don’t always seem to be motivated to start a new work week or continue working into the week. Essentially Monday’s have a pretty bad reputation. That’s where my Motivational Mondays are meant to come into play and debunk the Monday blues. I love Mondays (always have and always will) so I plan on sharing my love with you in fun ways!

Tuesday- Free For All

Tuesday doesn’t have anything specific. I am inspired daily and sometimes I want to write something that doesn’t fit into any particular genre. So I decided to dedicate Tuesdays to just that. I’ll probably post my Sex and The City themed posts here that apparently people seem to love. I’ve been tweeted, text messaged, and emailed about them. Glad you’re all enjoying.


Because I have never loved a hashtag more than Woman Crush Wednesday. Some people think it’s over used but I think it’s underused correctly. So I will be finding inspiring women to write about on Wednesdays or will potentially have guess blog posts here from women I find inspiring. Possibly even interviews.

I don’t want this to just be about celebrities, really gorgeous people or anything like that. I really see Wednesdays an entrepreneurial inspiration day but with a focus on women. Sometimes of course I might fall head over heels for some drop dead gorgeous woman and post about them but DO NOT expect that to be what Wednesdays are about.

I do know that this day I want to make it more of “Herstory” day. Sorry I’m an unintentional feminist.

Thursday- Free for all

Guest post? Maybe. Day off? Maybe. Hair discussion? likely. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood review? DEFINITELY GOING TO HAPPEN. I like to write a lot about things that aren’t really on the topic of the other days because like I’ve mentioned I find inspiration everywhere all the time.

Friday- Fashion Fridays

Don’t know what it is? Well every Friday before I disappeared due to moving I would write a fashion post for Friday. This includes my fashion idols, current trends that are in, where to go shopping and anything else fashion related. It was one of my favorite posts. So expect to see this coming back.

Saturday- Movie Night!

 I don’t have that much of a social life so I am always watching movies. This is my favorite post because I love film. So every Saturday I’m going to review a movie, post my favorite scenes from a movie, or my favorite movies.

Well there you have it! My weekly line up of posts. I’m going to try so hard to keep this going. Oh and since it is Wednesday and I did say I would post a Woman Crush Wednesday every week here she is.

Brittney Griner because well she’s perfect and a very inspiring woman. Look her up.


Ashley Nicole.


3 thoughts on “Cleaning House: Updates to Twe1ve2

  1. Oh wow, posting every day is quite a goal! I look forward to seeing your posts everyday especially the ones featuring awesome women.

    And hey, never apologize for being a feminist. 😉


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