Sunday Funday: VMA’s inspired wedding?


What’s a wedding without a theme? Not a very fun wedding at all. As you all may know today (8/24/2014) MTV hosted their Video Music Awards show. I rarely watch awards shows for anything other than the fashion and certain performances but this year I happened to watch the whole thing and not bits and pieces.

As I watched I got to wondering what if someone had an awards show theme wedding. Now you might be thinking “THAT’S CRAZY” or “REALLY??” but just stay with me as I go through a couple of gowns that could easily cross for wedding dresses and some that will have your brides maids looking fabulous. Let’s be honest with each other, the days of horrible brides maids dresses are out and ones where they look just a little less fabulous than the bride are in.

(**Disclaimer: I hated the dresses this year so these are ones from past years)

Of course not all of these dresses are meant to be for the bride. I’d suggest the one Alicia Keys is wearing for a brides maid dress and some of the others as well. However, a lot of the dresses above (if you changed the color to white) are extremely versatile.

Many wedding traditions have changed but what hasn’t changed is being fabulous on your special day. So get it girl! Don’t let anyone take your shine and you can look just as fabulous as these women.

(All Images are from Cosmo Magazine, The Huffington Post, US Magazine and Daily News)


Ashley Nicole.



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