Motivational Mondays: Forever and Always (my parents)


“The magic isn’t in getting married, the magic is in staying married.”-Baggage Claim

My parents have been married for over 25 years. I say over because I’m not quite sure the exact number but I know it’s more than 25. They fight, and argue and bicker a lot but when it comes down to it they are the definition of true love.

The above picture is them going on a date for their birthdays which is a week apart. The fact that they still go on dates is adorable. My mom always cooks dinner for my dad and always asks if he needs anything. What’s even cute though is that whenever my dad goes to the store he always comes back with her favorite candy. A box of hot tamales.

Despite all their ups and downs he still manages to remember to buy her favorite candy.

My generation has seemed to forgotten that. We no longer buy each other candy or send flowers to fix our wrongs. We have the highest divorce rates now because we marry on impulse and no longer try to solve our problems. We let love fade instead of showing the person we love how much we mean to them everyday. We no longer buy candy.

I like to think that’s what love is. Getting someone their favorite candy every time you go to the store because you know it makes them smile.

I hope this little snippet about my parents has motivated you to try to fix whatever problems you have with your significant other. After all what is life without love?


Ashley Nicole.


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