Going through training…

Photo By David Marcu

I was recently hired as a part time Assistant Manager for a clothing store called Maurices. The clothes are amazing. The people are funny (a little extreme sometimes) but nevertheless are perfect to work with. However, since working there I have had a lot of mishaps that I have been writing about on my Facebook page as opposed to my blog. Stories that honestly could be written here. So I’m going to write a bit about whats been going on here “job” wise with fun pictures and etc.

I worked at the Gap very briefly. More like a month (a total of 4 pay checks) and well decided to leave after being offered another opportunity. Of course there were other reasons tied to the location, hours, pay and etc. that led to me leaving but ultimately it was just time for me to grow and go.

This is kind of where everything begins to fall apart. I wasn’t really told the details of the position. That I would be counting money, doing (lots) of math and etc. Basically I was told that an Assistant Manager position opened up and because of my leadership skills (and management experience) I would be perfect if I wanted to accept the offer. That was it. Then when I came in for training I was told that the position was like a Sales Lead. That was it. I’m not saying that I should have been told more or less. I’m just saying math and printing is a big part of this position…

Maurices is a clothing store that focuses on providing the customer with as much support as possible. Basically I’m a stylist and if you come into the store I’m going to do my best to style you while learning the ins and outs of your taste. Be warned I WILL bombard you with deals and a overly zealous attitude. It might be alarming at first but eventually you’ll be perfectly fine and love my help because “you love my style” or at least that’s what my customers keep telling me.

Keep in mind I had only been there a week. I’ve never worked in retail. I’ve never had so many requirements when opening a store. For the training facility when I was an Athletic Trainer we basically just turned on the lights, t.v, answered the phone if it rang, unlocked the doors and signed people in. Here there is a lot of math…A LOT…they probably should have told me the job description or gave me a minute to think it over. Instead I felt slightly rushed to respond and thus said yes without thinking over the qualifications.

Clearly I’m not going to last at this job very long…

Now that you’re caught up let me tell you how closing went. Basically my manager had to come in because well…I screwed up everything. She told me I count money awkward and made me feel so nervous that I thought I died and went to hell. On the bright side I was able to lock all of the doors and fill out the envelopes and separate the receipts.

I have to find another job…


Ashley Nicole.


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