Fashion Friday: Happy Birthday to me

It’s my birthday and all I want to do is go shopping. So since I would love to go shopping and I can’t because being an adult is hard I made a list of some of my favorite items I’ve seen recently. It’s sort of like a birthday list but not really like a birthday list. Maybe this will give you a little Fashion Inspiration for the weekend.

Birthday List

I am a huge fan of the Lakers shirt because basketball season is coming up and it’s definitely my favorite sport. I own very little basketball apparel so adding the Lakers shirt to my wardrobe is the perfect addition to fuel my basketball obsession.

I own the Naked2 makeup pallet and am in utter love with it. I’m attempting to own all of them so basically I’m dieing for it. Not to mention I just love make up and nail polish. Julep is my favorite nail polish of course if you didn’t know. I rave about them to everyone and unless my niece is doing my nails or I’m at a salon I only use Julep. They don’t test on animals and I think that is just amazing!

Dresses aren’t just meant for the spring and summer months. Actually their perfect year round with a pair of tights or boots. So I’m totally all about the red strapless dress with the belt and the pink back tied one at the bottom. The colors are year round since the Bohemian (Boho) trend is still huge. Therefore the style and colors of each dress are perfect for any time of  the year with the right accessories.

Bangles, bracelets, scarves, and etc. are needed items to complete any look or even make an adjustment. Add a scarf and more to a dress to complete the perfect seasonal outfit.

Lastly what completes a look more than the shoes. I love black on black it’s very biker chic and I’m all about biker chic (or rock star) for my second favorite trend. Pair the boots leggings and bangles with a white sheer cami underneath a faux leather jacket and you’re ready to take the night by storm.

If only I could get these items to put my birthday dreams into effect…(Happy Birthday to me)

Love always,

Ashley Nicole.


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