Motivational Mondays: Regaining Focus!

Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc

Sometimes we lose focus on the bigger picture. Just 2 months ago I was excited to start my post-collegiate life. I had dreams of becoming the next 30 under 30. I was longing to move to a big city. Los Angeles was my 1st choice but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t settle for San Francisco or Orange County. I just never expected to live in a suburb for as long as I’ve been living here.

Often we become complacent and lose track of our dreams. We get a job, live in a nice stable environment, and get attached to a schedule that no where competes with the dreams we once had for ourselves.

My mother wanted to be an artist.

She became sidetracked.

A friend of mine wanted to be a singer.

He lost focus.

I want to be a publicist.


Dreams can often get derailed.  We find our self becoming sidetracked by life and what is currently happening. We focus so much on the present that we forget about the future. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing we must balance the two in order to become successful in anything. Just like you should learn from your past, you should use your present to make your future better. Living each day as its own but to better yourself so that you don’t waste another second doing something you don’t love. This can be easily forgotten.

However, getting refocused is not always a simple task. Sometimes it takes reminders and motivation. For me it’s going into work unhappy and realizing that using a register is not something I quite enjoy doing. It’s also being involved with very supportive bloggers. While the Her Campus Blogger Network has been getting quite negative reviews lately from members to me it has been a useful place for me to grow as a blogger. Whenever I reach out for support or am looking for a blogger to assist with a project I am always able to find someone and that is motivational in itself to continue striving for what I want. To try to secure a career where I can assist others while being able to enjoy what I do.

What’s important is to find something to always keep you motivated and to realize that sometimes you have to let go of others happiness to reach your own. Of course we become complacent because we are tired of striving or maybe we’re making “enough” money. That’s not the point. If money or the happiness of someone else is your only means for doing something than stop because you’ll find yourself where I am. With your dreams derailed and searching for your focus.


Ashley Nicole


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