Saturday Movie Night: American Mary

Yes, Saturday movie nights are back and better than ever!I actually wrote/ watched this a couple of weeks ago and forgot to publish. Enjoy.

With Halloween quickly approaching and very few new horror releases to choose from on Netflix it can be difficult to find some to quench your horror appetite. It’s either too bloody, too gory, not scary, not intelligent or many other factors that quite frankly can make a film bad. That’s when I decided to go on a mission to find a well written and intelligent horror film that I could watch. I’ve read reviews on American Mary being something similar to American Psycho ( in respect to all you horror fans I do know American Psycho and American Mary are thrillers). I decided to see what the critics were raving about and watched American Mary.

I haven’t seen the first film by The “Twisted Twins” Jen and Sylvia Soska  so I did not know what to expect from this film. Would it be frightening? Would it be as intelligent as everyone says? Is it worse than “The Human Centipede” that to this day still makes me cringe when I see a centipede? To my surprise it was AMAZING and in a way relate-able. 

Medical student Mary Mason is desperate for money so that she can pay off medical school expenses. After all going to school is very expensive. After applying for a position at a strip club Mary is enticed by the owner (and a couple of other characters) to enter into the business of strange body modifications due to her expertise as a medical student. However, everything begins to take a turn for the worse when Mary is raped by her professor and drops out of medical school to pursue her new career full-time.

American Mary is a thrill from start to finish. With a strong leading and actress and an equally strong supporting cast this movie should (and will) develop a cult following.  Along with Mary, Tristan Risk’s role as Beatress, the woman who has modified her body to resemble and sound like Betty Boop is by far my favorite character in the film.

This film isn’t for people with a weak stomach, can’t handle medical procedures, blood, or even the occasional strip tease. So please be advised before watching this that if you are unable to handle any of the aforementioned I wouldn’t recommend this film. If on the other hand you are able to handle that or are interested in “The Twisted Twins” (who also make a guest appearance in the film) do watch and enjoy.


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