Motivational Monday: I need coffee…#HelloKeurig

As you might know or might not know (depends on how well you’ve been following my blog), I hate my job. I hate everything about it. I hate the fact that I have to force customers to get credit cards, I hate that I have to smile even when I feel like I want to throw up, I hate that everyday I get disciplined for something they never taught me how to do. In all actuality the only thing I don’t hate is the fact that I wake up every morning and drink a cup of coffee with my Keurig 2.0.

Back in mid September I received a Keurig 2.0 courtesy of Influenster. This was technically my first real blogging item to review and I was (am) very excited that I was given the opportunity to review it. Everyday I wake up fix myself a cup and am instantly transported into a happier place. If my day is going bad…I fix myself a cup and am instantly transported into a happier place.

The thing about the new Keurig is that it can make both individual cups and a carafe (it’s like a pot of coffee). So you get the best of both worlds. I usually make a carafe and not a cup though because I drink a couple of cups just to get me through my job. The particular model I have also has a hot water feature that allows me to make cups of tea too! Seriously my coffee make makes cups of tea, cups of coffee and carafes of coffee! I’m a little more than obsessed you might say.

Oh and there are lots of fun features to play around with two. Like changing the color of the display and water. Mine’s blue!

My only problem with my Keurig is finding the right cups. Honestly since this my first Keurig I didn’t think the different cups really mattered. I imagined a world where all coffee cups would say who can and can’t use them. Well, if the new cups do I honestly am missing over something completely and need to be filled in because #HelloKeurig I don’t see which is meant for which. Thus, I received some sample Keurig cups and couldn’t use them because they were for an older model. UGH I hope you can hear my detest.

Also I would prefer if the reusable ones worked. I’m all about being green and environmentally friendly. So having those compatible would be amazing.

Overall if it wasn’t for my coffee maker I’d probably hate life a little more than I do now. It keeps me motivated throughout the day with just the thought that I received it through blogging. Sometimes that’s all it takes a little warm reminder to keep you focused and happy. For me my little warm reminder is my Keurig. Reminding me every time I look at it that one day I will be successful and not working in retail. That I will have a career I can be proud of. That I will have an office with a beautiful Keurig inside sitting promptly in the corner behind my desk because no one is allowed to touch it. They can use the community coffee maker. Mine will be the one in the corner.


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