Fashion Friday: Last Minute D.I.Y Halloween Costumes

Photo Credit: Brett Kiger via Compfight cc

Halloween is next weekend and honestly, I don’t have a costume yet. So I decided that I would use Fashion Fridays to help all the ladies find a gorgeous Halloween costume!

Carrie Bradshaw-Sex and the City

Of course you could be any character from “Sex and the City” but if you’re going to be Carrie Bradshaw you better make it fabulous! One of her signature outfits is above. For an easy do it yourself outfit pair a tulle skirt or tutu with a body suit or tight tank top with matching heels and you’re ready. Don’t forget to wear light makeup and light curls to be even more Carrie than you already are.

Jess- New Girl

Are you in love with everything vintage looking? Do you like bows, pink, and cardigans? Jess from New Girl might be the back-up costume of your dreams. Pull out your debit card and head over to Mod Cloth to fulfill this outfits requirements. Make sure to have bangs too (definite must) or even a wig with bangs. Don’t forget matching lipstick for your outfit or lip gloss.

Any of the male or female characters-Mad Men

The show is popular and you’ll be too after putting together an outfit from it. Choose to either go full glamorous with jewelry or dial it down a notch and put on some simple vintage clothing. Either way you’re sure to turn heads and everyone will know who you’re trying to be.

Hillary Banks- Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Maybe it’s because my friends in Ohio all say I sound or look like her but Hilary Banks might be the most fun for a Halloween costume in my book. Not only do you get to dress like a million bucks but if you do the costume right you actually get to pretend to be clueless and rude. In my honest opinion I think that’s pretty hilarious in itself. Want to get this costume down? Make sure your hair is curly (not curled) put on your best 80’s outfit (either matchy or bodycon) and you’re set for a night out this Halloween.

The entire cast Grease

Leather pants/black skinny jeans and pure sexiness makes up this Halloween costume. No but seriously if you love the greaser look (and honestly who doesn’t love biker chic) than this look is for you. Pile on the foundation, red lipstick and gorgeous curls (is there an accidental trend going on here) and you’ll be the baddest of them all out Halloween weekend.


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