Sunday Funday: Words From Strangers

I’ve had a rough past couple of weeks. My phone broke, I lost my wallet, almost got fired from my job, attempted to quit my job, and did I mention I still don’t have a phone. It’s been tough trying to maintain stay positive. So tough that I haven’t blogged much and honestly don’t remember the last time I did a Sunday Funday. However I’ve read so many beautiful post this week and received so many kind words of encouragement I felt I should share them with those of you that might be having a tough time.

Every last one of the statements below were told to me by stranger in a Facebook group I’m a member of. Needless to say it is beautiful to be told such kind words of encouragement by strangers.

“it WILL pass, you will feel better”

“Embrace the experience your going through an create a better future from it..
May all the comments heading your way be of infinite love!!”

“keep thinking positive luv, all bad times end and the good times begin again, just because we cant see it coming it doesnt mean its not gonna happen, good things can come out of the blue as well as bad things love, peace and happiness to you and yours x x x namaste”

“love and lights”

“Best wishes! Life is crazy and there is no good without the bad. I just always tell myself to persevere until I’m in that good spot again. persevere and know that everything will be ok!”

“You are beautiful and have made awesome accomplishments. Just keep rowing and don’t forget to Breathe. Love to you! Maybe some music could help?”

“Fists up, eyes up.
Tuck the chin, keep swinging.”

“Learn to nurture yourself. Do something a few times a week or daily just for you. Long walk, a bubble bath, buy a new book…”

“Your light is unique. When the sun rises you will have another day in the light. The darkness will pass. You may not feel it, but you are not alone and you ARE loved. Embrace this moment, don’t push it away. This moment of difficulty will make your joy even sweeter. Hugs!”

“I feel like the most painful times are when lessons you are to learn are *REALLY* trying to show themselves. Stay strong and keep going, nothing that happens is too much for anyone to deal with. It’s been a rough couple weeks for me as well, and am feeling intensely better and better as I get back into a healthy place. You got this, Ashley, much love and best wishes your way!”

“I’m sending your sweet heart positive vibes and thoughts! You can make it through this and come out stronger for going through it sweet girl”

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that there are people in the world, even if you don’t know them. That will take a second out of their day just to tell you how everything will be ok. That there is a rainbow at the end of every storm. I don’t know about you but these kind words helped me out. Hopefully they’ll help you too.

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