Motivational Mondays: Me, Myself, and I


As a culture we love to compare ourselves to others or even analyze other women’s beauty to try and find flaws. I’m no different I do it all the time. This is actually why I started my “Woman Crush Wednesday” series on my blog and why I started my “Motivational Mondays”. To talk to inspiring bloggers, to get their voice out. To let women know that there are others that possibly have the same opinions as they do. This is also why I can’t wait to continue to push WCW through each Wednesday for you!

Until than I decided to give you a little insight into my life outside of my consistent hate for work, hunt for a career, and love of fashion/films/music. Why? When  I open up and think about the things I like about myself or dislike it opens me up for improvement. This is something I’m big on, constantly attempting to do better. So hopefully after read a little bit about me you’ll think about yourself and what you love or need to improve on. Plus it’s always fun to post facts about yourself. So here we go I hope you enjoy.

I love food no matter what it is. If I’m going out to eat, if someone is cooking for me, if I’m cooking. I love it all. Which probably why I love the fall so much. All of my favorite holidays are towards the end of the year and two of them involve extremely heavy meals. This can honestly prove to be a big problem. Especially when sometimes the only reason I consider family gatherings is for the food.

I know I said I wouldn’t mention hating my job but let’s be honest if you follow my Twitter than you know going to work for me is like going to prison. I force myself to smile at customers who only want to buy a pair of socks when I need them to at least buy 3 pairs of socks. Plus I never quite clean the store just right…I really won’t rant too much on this topic.

Alcohol makes me happy. I honestly make some of the best drinks. They’re so good that my college friends have tried remaking them but it never turns out the same. Honestly theirs usually tastes like rubbing alcohol or poison and mine tastes like a little slice of unicorn heaven. Yes, I said unicorn heaven because I imagine the clouds are made out of Cotton Candy and that’s just freakin delicious.

A lot of women are feminist nowadays but honestly I don’t give two shits. I’m a feminist too. I wrote my entire senior seminar paper on the media and how it is negatively influencing young girls today. How it’s telling them that when you have sex you’ll be judged for it so don’t do it. But if you do…prepare to get criticized pretty heavily by your peers of the same age who are doing the exact same thing. Yeah I went there! Honestly what I do with my body and what the next woman or man does with theirs is none of my business.

I believe in bad relationships. Honestly who doesn’t. This could possibly be why I hate the terms boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s so much easier to avoid bad relationships when you’re in a “situationship”. However, those aren’t healthy either. Either way I am a firm believe in this quote and an obnoxious Sex and The City fan (what 20+ female isn’t?).

Does this one honestly need an explanation. No, seriously does it?

Talking? Really who does that anymore. I majored in Communication so don’t get me wrong I love to talk! But let’s be real for a second. Writing, texting, tweeting, blogging, and all that other non face to face communication stuff has really taken over my life. My brother and I were texting each other once while sitting next to each other in our apartment. If that doesn’t say a lot about me I don’t know what does.

Some days I want to work out. Other days I just enjoy sitting on the couch watching t.v or Netflix. Most days I prefer the second option.

I always wanted to be an adult. Graduate high school, college, and then live in the real world. Let me tell you it sucks! I miss my mom feeding me Popsicles when I was sick and I miss being able to be late every where I went without serious repercussions. Now I might get fired or have to pay extra for stuff. I miss life without bills. I just being 7 1/2 . I feel like that is the best childhood age after that it kinnda sucks.

I have a very short patience for men, women, dogs, cats, birds, children, iguanas, and people who get really annoyed by people drink alcohol. It’s like why even bother trying to talk to them? They’re going to judge you anyways. I don’t get annoyed by you though followers! So yay us!

Sometimes I think I might relate too well to Samantha. Everybody is having a baby or getting married. Shoot I want to be celebrated for embracing my 20’s and not being either of those things. Of course if you are congrats! Neither of those are in my future at least not my near future.

You shouldn’t. Once you do you lose. For a really long time I was taking work entirely too seriously and was stressing out and becoming super unhappy. I’d even get upset when girls would steal my customers or tell me what to do when I’m the manager. Now I just don’t care what they think. It makes my work days a lot smoother.

 That’s basically 12 whimsical opinions/facts about me in a nutshell. I enjoy these so I’m sure I’ll do another one eventually until than you can keep reading and enjoying this.


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