Ice Cream, Wine and Carrie Bradshaw

I usually put quotes under pictures but does this really need a caption?

It’s Saturday afternoon you roll out of bed to find that no ones home, there’s no food in your house, and all you have to drink is a $5 bottle of Merlot titled “3 Blind Moose”. Since you’d rather sit around in yogas and an oversized college sweater than try to make friends in the real world you open up the moose grab some ice cream from the freezer and turn on Sex and The City. What better way to spend your Saturday than with Carrie Bradshaw.

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda have been my friends since I forever. Honestly, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t watch the show. I have always been fawning over their lives. I wanted to be a lawyer at one point, fell head over heals for art, wanted to be a journalist and eventually settled on attempting to be a publicist. Each one of the women in the show were/are powerful.
Most importantly they introduced me to many of the things I love today coffee, alcohol, clothes, and good sex.

Most women and gay men everywhere love Sex and the City. From its witty humor, obvious influence on society, and relate-able life lessons Sex and the City happens to be one of my favorite series. To this day I’m constantly looking for a show that I find as relate-able. Yes, I’m not 30/40 so I can’t exactly relate to every issue they suffer but for some odd reason the qualms of the 20 something are closely related.

Today relationships are lacking validation thus creating more Big’s and Samantha’s than Charlotte’s and Steve’s. While this isn’t a huge problem it’s always a nice refresher to see a show discuss topics that years later are not wildly discussed. To provoke various thoughts in people and conversations that not everyone is willing to discuss. However, with Sex and the City these topics are always open to be discussed.

Basically Sex and the City isn’t for 30 and 40 somethings but for 20 on up. Even if I’ve been watching since middle school.


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