#Winning: Screenshots of hilarious Ihop Tweets

I’ve always loved Taco Bell and its witty use of social networking sites. From it’s ever so perfect twitter account to it’s ridiculously interactive Snapchats (remember the Taco Bell Snapchat movie?). Taco Bell has always been winning when it comes to connecting with the masses. However, there is a new Kingpin of social media and his/her name is Ihop.

It all started when a good friend of mine retweeted this onto my timeline. First I thought it was a parody account. Someone showing their love of Ihop and all things pancake/breakfast related. I decided to check the page out and little to my surprise this is in fact an official verified account. YES everyone Ihop is quoting Big Sean but it doesn’t stop there. Ihop has been quoting songs, popular urban phrases and more for quite some time.

I collected some of my favorite ones up until August because well going any further back would have been ridiculous. Let me tell you though, the pancakey love goes well past August through the summer and beyond. So if you have time, are feeling down, or would just like a laugh I recommend you follow the Ihop twitter page here.

Of course Ihop…Of course you’re bae.

P.S. Whoever is running the Ihop twitter page you are a social media god and I aspire to be you.


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