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Before I begin I want to give you a background on why you should even consider taking my Iggy Azalea opinion into consideration. I’m not a hip hop blogger, musician of any kind, nor is hip hop even my favorite genre of music (I prefer R&B the baby making kind to be exact haha). So why is my opinion even valid?

Well I’ve been a fan of Iggy since 2011 when I first heard Pu$$y off of my favorite project from her Ignorant Art. Within months I had the entire mixtape memorized and proceeded to blast it for all my friends so they would learn to love it. I even went as far as to download songs that weren’t on her mixtape and were just randomly done with other unknown/unimportant artist.

My love continued as I followed her Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter account. This was way before Fancy and back when her and A$AP were an item. I even followed her during her first debacle with the ever so equally talented (if not more) Azalea Banks. Basically what I’m saying is I’m not someone who has hopped along the Iggy bandwagon recently. I loved her before Fancy and I’ll hopefully love her after. But (and there is always a but) Iggy has been infuriating the hip hop community, African-Americans, music lovers, and etc. recently and some of these articles and even people in my opinion just aren’t explaining why they’re mad.

So I’m going to attempt to break it down and understand in a series of claims.

1. She’s white.

Please take several seats. Yes, Iggy is white but does that mean she shouldn’t be allowed to grace hip hop? Let me give you a list of white rappers that people actually adore(d): Eminem, Action Bronson, Macklemore, MGK, Asher Roth (he actually had a mixtape recently), Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (Mark Wahlberg), Riff Raff (despite my dislike), House of Pain, and if Logic counts than Logic (because he’s half), Lil Debbie, Kreayshawn…I could do this forever.

2. She doesn’t rap about anything of substance or about Australia.

So it’s a requirement to rap about where you’re from? We know she’s Australian and I don’t think I want to hear her rap that way and honestly do you? We also know she hasn’t lived there in years. She did rap a song about being “16 in the middle of Miami” baby girl is 24. She moved to the states in 2006 and you want her to write about everything she did before 2006? I’m sorry but no. Maybe every now and then throw in something but for all of your raps to do that just no. If Nicki Minaj can rap about Starships (which I still don’t know what they are) than Iggy Iggs can rap about being Fancy.

Also about this whole accent thing. Yes, she could rap with her Australian accent but she also has the choice not to and if you don’t like it then don’t purchase or discuss her music. She chooses to rap with a southern accent because that’s her preference that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be allowed.

3. She hasn’t given recognition to the culture whose music she is using.

Let’s ignore her twitter account for a minute where she awkwardly tries to defend herself by saying things like “I HAVE A BLACK BOYFRIEND ACCEPT ME” and look at her interviews. In most of her early interviews Iggy openly expresses how Tupac, Missy Elliot and others inspired her. She has never once denied being influenced by any African-American. She even came to America because she felt that it would bring her closer to a culture she longed to be apart of. The only thing she basically didn’t understand and can’t understand is the struggle behind our music. Artist like Eminem, Logic, and others all understand but Iggy doesn’t and she can only understand a part. The part she’s learned through reading and educating herself. So since she hasn’t experienced it first hand we’re telling her that hip hop is a do not enter zone? I’m sorry but I hardly think that’s fair.

4. But she’s using African-American culture and not standing up for us during our time of need.

One, she’s not a U.S. citizen so she can only do but so much. She has a visa. Two, how do we know she’s not doing anything? Because the media isn’t telling us. The same media that seems fixated on whether Kylie Jenner and Tyga are an item? Come on unless someone states they’re not doing anything I think it’s best to not assume that they aren’t. The only thing she has said is that it’s OUR government that we’re upset with. Thus making it quite obvious it has nothing to do with her…but she did post a tweet right after it with a site that people could go to if they were interested in making a difference. So I’m not really sure what we’re asking for here? Do you want the girl to start marching and potentially getting her visa taken away (I don’t know how visa’s work)?

5. I just don’t like her music.

Well “yay” you but that doesn’t mean you should slander her. In no way shape or form is she hurting you. If you don’t like her music hit her where it hurts. Don’t play it. Don’t buy it. Don’t request it. Teach your kids what you feel is hip hop music. Teach them about Mos Def, about Ab-Soul, about Nas. Play “Bonita Applebum” or anything (except I) by Kendrick Lamar and then throw on some Jay Rock (as you can see I really like T.D.E). Common, Curren$y, Lupe Fiasco, and Lil Kim. Play it all and don’t stop. Ignore the awards show because they’re just pieces of metal that artist get.

Kendrick didn’t bitch because he lost a Grammy last year he just decided to continue to do better. To try to show little boys and girls that they can achieve their dreams. So what if Iggy wins an award if you teach your children not to value an object but to value their culture than no one and I mean NO ONE can take that away.

So I bet it looks like I love Iggy and worship the ground she walks on right? WRONG. I love her music but my issue is with Iggy is less about music and more about her as an individual.

This is going to be a two-part series or else this post would be too long so look out for the other half soon!


2 thoughts on “I.G.G.WHY?

  1. The one thing that annoys me about the internet is the rise of the ‘I don’t like you so I’m going to slag you off instead of just walking away’ culture that has taken over everything it seems. No one seems to have the initiative to just not listen to something they don’t like. Since when did we become so preoccupied with bringing other people down. It shouldn’t matter what race you are, your age, where you live… if you’re doing something you love then go you! I loved reading this, not just about Iggy (I’d never even heard of her before fancy, admittedly) but the same thing applies to a lot of other artists and people out there too. They have to struggle against prejudice to do something they love and believe in.

    Also, I think ‘starships’ are supposed to be space ships, like in the sci fi movies… or at least that’s what I’ve always imagined when I hear the song! 🙂 x

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    • I completely agree. However, I think the “I don’t like you so I’m going to slag you off instead of just walking away” culture your referring to has always been around. The internet has just heightened it’s presence in society due to the fact you can get it in large doses now as opposed to interviews, magazine articles, or conversations among friends.

      I never considered that to be what “starships” were but that definitely makes a lot of sense!


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