Fashion Friday: Spring…OMG NEW CLOTHES

Happy New Year! I’m predicting this year will be full of new memories (both good and bad), tons of new music, friends being made, and most importantly SHOPPING! I don’t know about you but the end of season sales are my favorite.

OMG Shoes
Working in retail we get see a lot of what trends are going to be hitting the stores before they actually get to come out (or at least that’s how my store sort of works). So I’m predicting that for the spring we’ll see boho and western continue to have a huge influence on trends. This means lots of fringe, browns, bold prints, and floral headbands (will that trend honestly ever end?)
I’m also expecting pastels to stay in style. This means for all of you powder blue and soft pink lovers you’ll be able to continue to wear the sweaters you loved so much during the winter straight through the spring. Add a cute pair of flats and remove that scarf for any easy seasonal transfer outfit.
But honestly what I’m most excited for this spring are spring dresses! I can’t wait to see what dresses stores decide to put out. I’m a huge boots and dress girl (I plan on sharing some style pictures with you guys this year) and hi-low dresses are perfect for that. I’m really hoping that they’ll make a huge impact this season in pastel colors!
While you wait for the seasonal stylings to come out you can continue to shoe shop though. Just Fab has a lovely sale going on where you can buy one shoe and get one free. I’m always getting compliments from customers on my shoes and I solely get them from there. Unless there is a deal at my store then I proudly buy them at the store too. The ones featured above are all from Charlotte Rouse another store I happen to think is perfect when it comes clothing.
Well that’s all I have for you today. Any trends you see being huge this spring?

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