Instagram Selfies and Nacho Cheese

When I was younger my mom would always take pictures of me. She’s taken so many pictures that there were photo albums dedicated solely to me and walls in various rooms of our various homes featuring only my face. Imagine the scene from 21 Jump Street when you first meet Schmidt/Doug’s parents and they have the naked baby picture of him on the wall. That’s exactly my childhood in a nutshell.

As time progressed I continued to be obsessed with taking pictures and having my picture taken. In college I was the queen of selfies and honestly never took a bad one in my opinion. I was never the girl to take a million pictures and delete all of them except one. Instead I would share them all and just make one of them my default photo on every social media channel I was using.

It seemed that once I graduated the magic was gone. Now I take better usies (a picture in which there are two or more people) than I do selfies. This is a problem since I love taking pictures. For that reason alone I have decided that 2015 will be the year I take better selfies. Hence it is the year of the Selfie!

(via Snapchat)

It all started with a little “Selfie War” a friend of mine and I decided to partake in. It didn’t really end up being a war but more like a “I’ll post some pictures and you’ll post some pictures and we’ll see whose pictures turn out nicer but in the end we won’t really discuss them too much because they’ll probably turn out fine” or something like that kind of thing. Make sense? Probably not but just know there was no real battle involved.

So where am I going with this and why the nacho cheese? Well I love nacho’s and nacho cheese just as much as I love selfies so I decided to throw that in the title for kicks. Plus it made me smile and selfies don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact I think they’re getting more popular.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, James Franco, Nicki Minaj and others are constantly taking selfies, with filters, without filters, and so much more. When is it going to end?! Probably not anytime soon so it’s best that I suck it up and perfect my selfie skills and be the diva that I always knew I could be! Plus if I’m going to be a blogger I should re-perfect my skills anyways right?

Well that’s my shameless post about my terrible selfie skills. Hopefully I’ll get better at it soon. After all if I can’t perfect the perfect smize I guess I’ll just have to exit the world of instagram. #Selfie.

Also don’t forget to follow Twe1ve2’s new instagram page Twe1ve2. I can’t promise that there won’t be a million selfies but I can promise you that there will be a mix of quotes, selfies, and just an all around dope feed!


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