Fashion Friday: Vacation Time!

One of my main goals this year is to travel more, explore more, attend more events, blog more and over all just live a more enjoyable life by living in the present. Ever since I was younger I always loved traveling and going on weekend getaways with my parents. We’d stay in 4/5 star hotels with beautiful views of the ocean and such. Now that I’m older and graduated from college I would love to continue with some of those trends into the new year. So I basically made it my goal to attempt travel more this year. However, when traveling you must have the perfect wardrobe right

I currently work at Maurices a clothing store for women whose philosophy is making them feel just as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside (that’s not the exact philosophy but it’s how we act). Since we’re starting to shuffle out our Spring clothes I figured why not share some of my favorite items that are perfect for traveling?
Next weekend my best friend and I (I’ll refer to her as Nicole) will be going on a weekend vacation. We’re not exactly sure where to but it should be a lot of fun. I actually plan on buying a couple of the items above (probably all of our jeggings) for this exact occasion. I absolutely love the clothing in our store and think anyone and everyone can find something to wear! So basically that is it in a nutshell! I’ll make sure to share my pictures from the trip with you all on my instagram (Twe1ve2) and my Facebook too!

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