Where in the world is Ashley Nicole: What I’ve been up to!

Life has been so perfect lately. It’s as if the universe decided to bless me with endless opportunities or maybe Mercury just isn’t in Retrograde anymore. Whatever the case is I’ve been receiving some amazing opportunities in my life, career, and so much more. So today we’re going to start with the basics.

A couple of weeks back I went to San Francisco with my best friend and it was such an amazing experience. In a nutshell it went like this. A close friend of mine from Ohio and I are supposed to move to San Francisco next year. Since I haven’t been in years I decided to ask my best friend if she wanted to go on a weekend getaway to San Francisco. Of course the answer was yes! So we went and did everything we could do in three days…

The first night we were in San Francisco we didn’t really do much. Alex and I went out to eat at Bubba Gumps (the best movie food related experience you’ll ever have) and checked into our hotel room. So really there aren’t any pictures from that night. Despite the one of my beautiful half drunk drink that I received with a huge chunk of Pineapple.

However the second day/night was full of surprises….

First we went hiking, had lunch, on the beach, and got lost. As you can see from the images above it was such a beautiful day for a hike. So of course we took advantage of it. My only advice is that if you decide to go hiking please stay on the trail. We decided to play a game of left or right where we went back and forth picking what direction we would go (my bestie would choose a direction than I would). After we got lost, met some cops who told us how to get back, we finally made our way back to the top of the cliff thus enjoying the rest of our day.

We weren’t ready to go back to our hotel yet and change for the night so we decided to go get some sushi. We drove around China Town for a while just to look at the sights (it’s one of the largest in the United States) and then decided to head out and try to find some sushi. Let me start by saying that we had the hardest time finding parking on the street and almost always had to park in a parking garage (which isn’t cheap sometimes) so parking was the worst. Once we did find parking we ate a quaint little Sushi restaurant next to a million little other restaurants. The picture above on the right is literally the best Sashimi I have ever had just a fyi.

Of course we had to end our weekend in San Francisco with a bang! So we went bar hopping and clubbing ending up at well…The EndUp (no pun intended). It was such a fun time to be out with one of my best friends. I wore my favorite thrift store find (an H&M dress) and accessories from Maurices (store where I work). We didn’t drink a ton but just going out dancing was a blast. Not to mention The EndUp doesn’t close until after everything else closes made it even more fun. I met a random Irish guy, a Uber driver that got tricked into going to a gay club, a really nice girl in line at the bathroom, and a beautiful man from Wales. Not to mention the most fabulous gay guy I ever met. Whenever we saw each other we shouted across the room how absolutely fabulous we were.

We ended our weekend in Oakland eating at a diner and shopping in Berkeley until we went back to the pier for a Clam Chowder bread bowl. It was such a fun weekend and I’m glad I was able to take some time off with my friend who I hadn’t seen since last August.  Hopefully I’ll have more opportunities this year to be able to vacation, travel (even if blog related) and so much more.


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