Sunday Funday: Let’s B**** a bit

I have a lot of pet peeves. When I say a lot I mean A LOT. Some which are ridiculously unnecessarily annoying and some that most people would agree on I can’t be the only one that hates when someone has spilled something and you’re walking around in socks and you step in it. Come on just warn me.

Wet Socks. I mentioned it earlier so of course I’m going to put it on this list. Wet socks suck all the time. There literally isn’t a good time to accidentally get your socks wet. It always sucks. If you spill something tell me! That way I can avoid the dreaded curse of wet socks or worse…wet feet from wet socks.

People with kids that are constantly trying to show off their children. I see your child. I am happy that you’re happy they received student of the month but I don’t need you to tell me every 5 seconds.

People (mostly girls) who answer everything as a question. Seriously if I ask you where we’re going to eat and you say “Taco Bell?” and you know we’re going to Taco Bell I feel I have the right to slap you. I won’t do it…but I have the right. This also ties into people that don’t have anything of substance to talk about…open a book please and get back to me.

Racist people. It’s 2015 we should be accepting everyone for their differences now. There is so much more I could honestly say about this but that would take an entire blog post. So just know I see all of you racist people and would love for you to take several seats and get hit in the face with an ugly stick.

People who pretend to be something they’re not. Just be yourself it’s not that hard. I actually disliked (which is rare) a couple of people at my college just because I could tell they weren’t being their selves. If you hate rap and like Justin Bieber own it! If you’ve always wanted neon pink hair OWN IT. Don’t pretend that you can’t stand T-Swift when I just saw you jamming out to “Shake it Off”. Own it.

People with round heads. This is probably my most superficial pet peeve. I can’t help it though. I’m honestly not sure why I dislike people with round heads either. I’ll tell you a story though so you can understand my dislike a little bit better. There was a girl in my college who had a round head and big eyes (we used to refer to her as an owl) and I just didn’t like her. We’ve hung around each other (due to mutual friends) and she worked with me. However, I couldn’t get past her physical features. Of course that’s awful because I don’t support superficial judgment therefore this is quite hypocritical but I can’t seem to get past round heads. It’s okay I’m sure my dislike for her didn’t ruin her college career or anything. Why? Because she owned her Owlness! You go owl girl! You go!

Morning people on Saturdays and Sundays. Clearly you didn’t get the memo but on Saturdays and Sundays I get to sleep in. I don’t need you running in my room to wake me up or blasting your stereo at 8 am. Actually anything before 11:26 is questionable. Yes 11:26 because at 11 I am actually waking up and I’m not fully alert to what is actually going on in the world until 11:30.

When the person I like starts dating someone. Yes, I should have told them. Thus making it perfectly ok for them to date who they want when they want since they didn’t know. However, I still feel that they’re mine. Even if we’re only together in my daydreams…

People who constantly try to tell people their opinions are wrong because they don’t agree with them. My brother does this all the time and it is absolutely the worst. Opinions are not facts they’re opinions. “Kim Kardashian is the worst” is not a fact it’s an opinion. “Well everybody thinks so” is also not a fact. So miss me with your opinions are facts B.S.

Lastly…PULP IN ORANGE JUICE! Didn’t see that one coming? Well just know I hate pulp. I hate when people buy orange juice and there is pulp in it and I’m not told. What type of person are you? These are things I need to know…

These are pet peeves/ things that just utterly annoy my soul. What things irritate you? Anything we have in common? Feel free to share.


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