What I’m Watching:Man Seeking Woman

Just because she’s kind of perfect, doesn’t mean she is perfect for you.
—  Liz Greenberg (Man Seeking Woman)

Being on the dating scene is never fun. Whether its freshly out of a relationship or you’ve been single for years…playing the dating game is just miserable. Very few shows represent the dating scene that current millennials are going through. The constant anxiety on how to text someone appropriately, defining the relationship, cheating, etc. That’s where “Man Seeking Woman” comes into play.

“Man Seeking Woman” stars Jay Baruchel as a man who was recently dumped by his girlfriend attempting to date again. The show evaluates the methods in which we attempt to cope with being single, our families, seeing our ex’s again, sex and more while mixing in both reality and science fiction (or fantasy I’m not sure under which category a troll would be categorized).

That’s basically the entire premise of the show and it is amazing! Between the witty humor and analogies this show will instantly become a classic.

One episode in particular that stuck out is “Dram” focuses on the pressure you faces from your family/friends when they feel it’s “time” to get serious with someone. The main character’s sister and her friends attempt to set him up on a blind date and afterwards his mother gives him a pretty in-depth interrogation about the “date”.

My favorite thing about “Man Seeking Woman” is it’s ability to mix multiple themes in a single episode while still being able to maintain its overall point. In the episode mentioned above the main focus is how your family and friends try to pressure you into getting into a relationship. However, the sub-theme of the episode focuses on what happens when you enter into a relationship too quickly.

As things continue to move quickly the girl the main character is “dating” becomes overly infatuated with him. This causes him to take extreme measures when quitting the relationship. I won’t go into too many details about this particular episode or the show in general because I don’t want to provide too many spoilers.

If you’re looking for a show that expresses the turmoil one goes through when on the dating scene this is definitely a must watch. It’s universally relate-able meaning that both women and men can relate to themes expressed in the show. Basically it is the perfect watch for you and all your friends.


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