Why nice guys aren’t finishing last

“I don’t really have a type of guy I like. It’s just like nice guys, cute boys I mean, ones that are funny.”
-Emma Roberts

I have a ton of male friends who you would consider to be “nice guys” or even consider themselves nice guys. They remind women that chivalry isn’t dead when they open doors for them, buy their dinner, or show them off on all their social media (because you know that’s important or whatever). These guys aren’t too hard to come by despite popular belief. They’ve just become so self-aware of their “niceness” that they no longer want to show it and tend to be more reclusive. This is due to the constant fawning over celebrities such as Chris Brown, Justin Bieber (I misspelled his name and autocorrect corrected me…I have such a problem with his name being in the dictionary), and other celebrity “bad boys”. Unless we’re discussing Ryan “Perfect” Gosling, nice guys tend to get tossed to the side with other things/people we could care less about.

So this post is for you nice guys! Reminding y’all (yes I said y’all) that we still value you. If anything you finish first place and not last because how often do you hear about the girl marrying the bad guy? Not too often and usually when you do it ends in some random unpredicted death that not a single soul saw coming. Let us begin.

1. They believe in love at first sight and all that other fairy tale stuff.

I’m a hopeless romantic and a lot of girls are. So it’s super nice to sometimes have someone believe in stuff even if it isn’t necessarily true. They won’t shoot down your belief that he might be your soul mate because they think they might be your soul mate too. What’s better than that?

2.  Cheesy pick-up lines are less prevalent

This is actually very hit or miss. I think cheesy pick-up lines tend to be better when the guy is a “nice guy”. They tend to be funnier in my opinion and don’t usually have some hidden sexual message. They’re just usually more awkward and use one. However, there are far fewer nice guys still that use them then “bad boys”.

3. They’re not really cocky

Of course there is nothing wrong with confidence (and I would date the hell out of myself too). BUT there is such a thing as too much confidence. “Nice guys” seem to have the right amount.

4.Vibes are EVERYTHING

Yes, he might be really nice. Yes, he might be really funny. If he doesn’t make you unbelievably happy though than everything else is irrelevant.

5. Unlike the bad guy they never really push you away

I’ve been pushed away before by a guy I thought I was head over heels for. He told me he didn’t want a girlfriend because of some “B.S” another girl had told him. Of course he eventually got a girlfriend and I was there like what the heck happened? With a “nice guy” this doesn’t happen. You feel safe, and wanted, and loved. What more could you want?

6. Despite popular belief they tend to be really attractive.

I mentioned Ryan Gosling earlier but of course there are a ton of other celebrity “nice guys” that are just as attractive and a lot of non-celebrity “nice guys” too. However, I truthfully believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder so stop selling yourself short. Just because you don’t think you’re a catch doesn’t mean there isn’t a girl who is giving you the same look Pocahontas is giving above (bruh, did she bite her bottom lip?).

7. You honestly (in my opinion) have more opportunity for growth with them

Unlike the bad guy who needs help for a whole lot of other reasons “good guys” just want to forget the girls who made them feel like they were insignificant. They’re looking for that girl to finally pull them out of the friendzone. If you just so happen to be that girl you’re in for basically one of the best relationships you could ask for.

8. Sex…because “bad guys” get it more often

In my opinion (because isn’t this whole thing my opinion) “nice guys” tend to appreciate the whole concept of being with you sexually more. I don’t know why because I’m sure they get laid. I’m assuming they might not as often. Nevertheless they are appreciative and tend to look at your needs.

9. “Good Girls” and “Good Guys” are basically the same

I felt that I couldn’t really address “good guys” without mentioning good girls. Guys tend to want someone in the middle. Not too good but not too bad however good girls tend to have a little bit of both in them. So don’t underestimate them at all. As Ludacris said “I want a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets”. Basically, he want’s the whole package…”good girls” and “good guys” are just well that. Plus girls want that too. Someone in the middle.

10. Ultimately the connection is priority numero uno

I’m saying this twice because I don’t think you understand how important this is. You could be head over heals for someone but if they don’t feel connected to you there isn’t anything you can basically do. Yes it sucks and nice guys tend to get hurt the most by this but they’re also used to this.


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