Where is the compassion?

But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?”-Mark Twain

I’m not very religious and I’m not very into praying or anything. I read that quote today and it got me thinking. In all honesty who has prayed for Satan? Who has taken a second to stop and think about someone else? As a society we get so wrapped up in our wants we often forget about others.Especially in friendships and relationships.


We get caught up in our own world and tend to forget that our actions can sometimes affect others. Usually those that care about us the most.


During a conversation with a friend of mine we discussed this very issue. A mutual acquaintance of ours has been acting rather strange lately and despite our best efforts to find out what’s going on with him he would rather not share. Thus creating a cesspool of unnecessary hurt for most of the people involved in his life. By not sharing he has started spewing unnecessary lies to people.
Even myself.


From our observation he feels that he’s allowed to do things because he’s an “artist” (he’s a slightly gifted musician/writer) and with this new found Steve Urkel confidence it should be allowed. But when did it become fair to solely think about yourself and not about the feelings of others? To not stop and take into consideration that maybe your actions aren’t the appropriate ones.


His new “friends” accept this mentality.


So why shouldn’t his old ones?


Well because some people actually pray for Satan and others still don’t. Some people actually pray for those who are less fortunate and believe that one day they’ll see the light and come into their own. The difficult part is however, waiting. Waiting to see if they really can be saved. To see if friendships can be salvaged and relationships can be mended.

I’m not saying that his new friends don’t. I’m simply saying that how can you expect someone to help you if they only see what they can gain and not what they can give? So the people who pray wait.


And sometimes you just have to wait. After all if you don’t pray for Satan who will?

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