Motivational Mondays: I might be a little bit drunk

Disclaimer: This was written while drinking lots of rum…lots of rum at 3am.

I could make this a serious post. Honestly I could, the fact is though I’m not a serious person and the best way for me to deal with real loss is through humor. So this is my attempt at telling the hard truth about guys, crushes and the games they play. Or at least that is the original intent of this post.

I’ve been through a lot of different breakups this year. No really a lot. My boyfriend and I broke up (essentially due to distance and insecurities with my one of my “best friends”). Two of my closer friends whom I even took a vacation with one of them aren’t really talking like we used to (people grow apart?). I also lost that so-called “best friend” that unintentionally broke up my relationship because well…THEY ENDED UP LIKING ME! Oh boy and I kind of sort of ended up liking them too. BUT they kinnda sorta told someone else they liked them too?

Yup because you know friend zones don’t exist and it’s ok to like multiple people and tell multiple people you like them and not let all parties know that this is going on. Except of course me…because I knew that they liked them and me…but yeah it’s confusing. Won’t really delve into that story (it’s for another time).

Don’t worry though we’re not together and I’m 100% sure we won’t be because well that’s some b.s. and I don’t stand for b.s. Honestly no person should stand for b.s. In what way is it fair for someone to openly confess that they have feelings for you but they’re seriously “talking” to someone else? No one should be the other lover. No one…and no one should feel that they’re fighting for love.

If you love/like someone it should come naturally. You should wake up and want to send them good morning text messages if you can’t see them. They shouldn’t have you up late drinking Captain Morgan thinking about them watching Hope Floats. Wait…I think that’s me. Nevertheless, there are men and women out there that make people feel the way I’m feeling and it’s awful.

No really the people who treat people like that are the worst. They don’t think about the feelings of others, only themselves, and it’s a painful thing to be apart of. To love/like someone who loves the thought of you loving/liking them more than they love/like you.

Let’s stop and talk about a friend of mine and not my life for a minute. I have this friend…or had this friend who was talking to this guy.  He told her that he was no longer with his girlfriend. Fed her lies about how he loved her and they were meant to be. The whole time he was “broken up” with his girlfriend but was still communicating with her the same things he was telling my friend. Seriously he was essentially  “talking” to both of them without letting either of them know it was happening.

However that’s the problem with this generation. The “talking” stage. It’s not defined so people get hurt. People fall head over heals for people who only see them as a place holder. A temporary interest until something better comes or a last resort. They aren’t willing to tell their male/female “friends” they’re pursuing someone now.  Thus one of the multiple people gets hurt because well we fall. We fall for the idea of a vibe and a connection that might not exist. Or it does exist but the other person only wants the attention. In essence some people have a Kanye West ego (shameless plug to my friends who will of course read this).

We’re so afraid of actually following a vibe or a connection that we throw it away for someone who temporarily strokes an ego.

Despite all of this I believe that love does exist and that’s where this whole “motivational monday” comes into place. But what good is that? What good is falling in love with someone when they’re afraid to fall back? Maybe it’s the rum talking. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s 4:08 in the morning and I’m watching “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” but…I just don’t get it. How can you tell someone they’re beautiful and tell another you want to marry them?


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