12 Things You Should Stop Feeling Sorry For

This gif honestly has nothing to do with anything. I just got a kick out of it and wanted to share.

I started this post months ago and completely forgot about it. Needless to say I still think it’s pretty funny and decided to share it with you. Oh and in case you didn’t know (because you probably didn’t) whenever I do a list I always ALWAYS do it in sets of 12 because you know the site’s name.

1. Asking for extra food anywhere especially if it’s free. 

Hey Chipotle this one is especially for you. If I want more rice and it doesn’t cost me extra I expect all the rice. I expect all of the rice, beans, fajita veggies, sour cream, salsa, corn, and lettuce. Oh and since my burritos are always vegetarian I also expect you to not be stingy with the Guacamole.

I needed to get that off my chest but honestly never feel sorry for asking for more food if it’s free. I had this real nasty habit of going into restaurants (Red Robin) ordering food and feeling like a cunt jerk when I wanted more bottomless fries. It’s apart of the menu and I’m entitled to get more if I really want them. The same way you’re entitled to them if you want them. Never feel bad for getting more food if it’s apart of the menu and it doesn’t cost you extra. Now if it does and you still want it by all means go for it!

2.Not loving the person who loves you

Sometimes people fall in love with us but we don’t fall in love back. It’s life. I know I’ve had people claim to “love me” or “be in love with me”. I felt bad at first and even ended up dating some of them because I’m not very good at rejecting people. However, I’ve learned that it’s best to hurt people up front than to hurt them down the line. You can’t convince yourself to love someone over time that’s not what a relationship is about. So if you’re not in love with them baby let it go and don’t apologize. That’s life.

3. Being interested in sex

Sex is natural. My parents had sex to create me just like your parents had sex to create you. Never apologize for liking sex. Never apologize for what you like to do during sex. Never apologize for how loud you get. Just don’t apologize for liking sex.

Also your sexual preferences if you like being choked a little and he’s like no…it’s time to move on. Never compromise your sexual pleasure or interest for the comfort of someone else.

4. How mean you were to your parent’s in your teens, twenties, thirties (in general)

Maybe your parents really were trying to help you be a better person or maybe they weren’t. Either way people make mistakes and you need to understand that they did their best. Understand you didn’t have to see eye to eye with them. You were given to each other to help both of you learn. So of course tensions are going to rise sometimes. All you can do is forgive yourself and move on. No need for apologies.

5. Your love for Vodka, Wine, Cigarettes, and any other vices you might have.

I’m going to literally just say one thing on this topic. It’s your life. Oh and wine is the nectar of gods.

6. Your poor showering singing skills or amazing shower singing skills.

I’m a HUGE shower singer. I especially love singing Miguel or Nicki Minaj. Unless I’m feeling myself a little too much then I listen to Taylor Swift when she used to actually be a country singer. This isn’t about my shower musical preferences though this is about not feeling bad for the people who have to hear me belt out all the words to “Our Song”. Everyone needs to let off a little steam every once and awhile #SorryNotSorry

7. Hometown pride unless you don’t have any then feel sorry for not having any.

I moved around a lot as a kid. I didn’t finally have a stable home until 7th grade when my parents finally bought a house. That being said I always admired people who had childhood friends and loved where they’re from. Being able to have memories of certain locations is super dope and the people who have that I’m slightly jealous of.
So if you love where you’re from and absolutely think it’s the best place on earth feel free to express it. There’s nothing wrong with hometown pride.

8. Falling in love with the person who didn’t love you back.

Yeah it hurt but you should never regret what once made you happy. Just because it didn’t workout doesn’t mean you’re not destined to be loved. Everyone deserves love and you’ll find it one day. So never feel sorry that you feel and they weren’t there to catch you. Remember what I said earlier? That’s life.

9. Eating a seconds when everyone is still on their first plate.

First off I always hated that little unwritten rule where I was supposed to wait for everyone to eat before I could get more food. If you didn’t finish your food in 30 minutes that is not my fault. It’s one of the reasons I hated all of those awards banquets and other random events that had food my dad used to take me to. I was honestly expected to sit there and listen to someone talk for 2 hours and only eat really like twice? No I want all the food and I want all the food when I want it.

Who says we should have to wait for Sally to finish the last tomato on her salad? I’m sorry Sally but you’re probably not going to want the rest of that fried chicken anyways and I’m not sorry. I will never be sorry for wanting, needing, and eating seconds or thirds. You know what even sixths (despite knowing I’ve never had sixths). If you want six plates do you boo boo and don’t feel bad about it.

10. Leaving your clothes in the dryer.

Ok…maybe you should apologize for this. JUST KIDDING. If you forgot about your clothes. That’s fine life happens and in no way should you apologize for being to busy to take your clothes out the dryer. After all some people don’t even wash their clothes or sheets. Now if you’re leaving them in there to be a dick stop instantly and apologize. Other than that clothes are clothes and they should have checked the dryer before they started washing them in the machine.

11. Your decision to still have a ringtone in 2015

I’m not sure who has a ringtone other than my brother and myself. However, if you do embrace it! Pick something that reflects you as a person and own that shit! Mine happens to be a song someone pretty dang important wrote about me and you know what? I own it. I have my ringtone super loud unless I’m on the bus because that’s rude. So don’t apologize for still being that person who thinks ringtones are cool. Ringtones can be cool especially if you’re out of college when it becomes a lot harder to be cool with a ringtone. Don’t apologize for being different. Just own it.

12. For dressing however the fuck you want.

 Are you a boy who likes wearing dresses? Wear a dress! Are you a girl who likes wearing high heels and mini skirts? Wear it! Don’t let society tell you what is fashionably acceptable, slutty, girly, masculine etc. Those are just words and labels that you shouldn’t let define you. If I’ve learned anything from my almost 23 years of existence (I’m getting old y’all) is that people are going to talk about you regardless of what you wear or how you at. So you might as well dress how you want and be around who you like.


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