Motivational Monday: Making Free Time

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – Marthe Troly-Curtin

Last week I wrote a little blog post about making the most of this year (Making 2016 your bitch). I talked about planning, writing goals, and making sure they’re attainable. Having clear and concise goals helps to make your year flow a bit smoother but I’m not going to go all into that here though. If you want to read more. Have follow up questions please feel free to read the link above, tweet me, comment me or any other form of social media outreach.

Right now we’re going to talk about time management once you set all those plans out. Why? Because boyfriend’s been asking me a million and one questions (I’ll blog about him eventually) 2. I’m flippin good at it!

In college I was involved in multiple clubs. Like I never had a moment to myself except for when I went to sleep. Between work, school and every organization I was involved in I was busy. I’d even occasionally study while I ate lunch and dinner.

Somehow I was able to manage it all and I’ve decided to share all my time management advice with you in this little list. Even if it isn’t always the most fun because #adulting.

1.Become a morning person (and a night person too)

I hate mornings just as much as the next person but I read somewhere (probably EliteDaily) once that the most successful people are morning people. This is because they’re up before everyone else. Getting all of the little things out the way. Exercising, reading, sending emails and more. They’re maximising the amount of time they have in the day to their advantage. Afterall you can’t send your boss an email at 9:45pm it’s highly inappropriate. The best way to be more productive (despite me hating to admit it) is waking up early and getting shit done.

On top of being a morning person you should also be somewhat of a late night person. Typically people only need about 6 to 7 hours of sleep. So if you go to bed at 11pm/12am you should be good to go. During this time you can plan out your next day or even get in some late night yoga/exercise if you didn’t in the morning. I use this time to be with loved ones (family, friends, my dog/turtle).

By following this method you can help minimize that busy schedule.

2. Make sure to buy a planner and a calendar 

I’ve always been a big planner girl ever since elementary school. They used to give us this ugly paper one that we were required to write everything down in and have our parents sign. This was absolutely the best. It helped me get used to planning out my entire life and you know what I still use planners and calendars today!

You can obviously order buy a planner/calendar from WalMart or Target but I prefer to just print out printables from different websites and create my own.
Hearthandmade UK
Small Paper Things
Polished Habitat
Or just order one from Etsy

It’s pretty easy to just make your own planner and schedule things according to when you think it’s best to do them. Just don’t over do it. Remember to schedule free time, time to eat and just overall extra time to get stuff done. If you need to schedule phone calls to family or anything of that sort make sure there’s time for that too. Also if you’re like me you’re going to want to schedule days off where you just do whatever you want (mine is Sunday).

Most importantly don’t over do it. Everything will be accomplished over time.

4. Utilize your phone and computer

I use my phone as my calendar so I don’t have to waste paper. Everything get’s schedule in there but very vaguely. I never put the exact details of what exactly something is but I put enough information to know to reference my planner.

I also use my phone to set alarms to remind myself when I should have a task completed or when it’s time to start a task. My phone and planner are honestly my life. I won’t go into too much detail on how to utilize your phone when trying to manage your time just know there are a million and one features to discover.


Are you feeling overworked? Do you just need someone to proofread something while you work on another task? Ask. If you’re friends aren’t willing to help you at all then they’re not your real friends. My friends and I are constantly going back and forth asking for advice or just help with daily task. It’s ok to need something from someone.

6. “What get’s schedule get’s done”

Use this as your life philosophy when it comes to managing your time. Read it, live it, breath it. Don’t procrastinate and put off things that you know you need to get done. One thing that I use on my computer to make sure I’m always on task is the Productivity Owl plugin. It stops me from going on websites  that aren’t productive and sets time limits on how long I can be on the website. This way I have no choice but to focus on my schedule.

Time management isn’t easy for anyone. From personal experience it took me awhile to get into the swing of things. Despite my love for it in elementary school I definitely had a toxic relationship with it until high school. Now I understand the importance of a time management to help with making your daily tasks run a lot smoother and it makes my life a million times better.


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