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So basically this used to be really long. It discussed what I wanted to do with this blog, gave a lot of unnecessary details that you can learn about me from my posts, and well didn’t seem very me. So I decided to post 12 facts about myself instead!

1. I love marketing and social media. So basically social media marketing is my life.

2. I’m hoping to go into Public Relations though because I love being able to say that’s my client more than I like marketing.

3. My twitter bio explains my life “50% Blogger. 50% Princess. Music, Wine & Glitter Lover. Hopeful world changer and entrepreneur. Thug Life and Tiaras.”

4. I think Brave is better than Frozen and I’m not afraid to admit it!

5. I devoted half my income last year to Julep…yeah I spent a lot of money on nail polish.

6. On the bright side there are no animals being harmed in the process and I love that!

7. I listen to all types of music (country-screamo, hiphop-pop). Everything!

8.12 is my lucky number đŸ™‚

9. I fall in love with life everyday. I literally wake-up excited for the day.

10. However, I love sleeping in and just basking in the glory of my pillow.

11. Lisa Bonet is my fashion icon.

12. I love writing and blogging and being an all around gangster princess!


I hope you had as much fun learning about me as I had writing this for you.


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