Hiram College Fashion Show

fashion show

Before the Fashion Show Association (F.S.A) existed there were simply students with a dream of representing Fashion as more than just having a sense of style and modeling clothes. That being socially conscious can be represented through self-expression. The fashion show in 2012 was that. I co-produced the fashion show along with five other students.

In 2013 Martinique Mims and I found the Fashion Show Association at Hiram College. It’s main goal is to raise awareness of social issues. Each fashion show has a social cause attached to it in which we raise awareness and contribute donations to an organization of our choice.

The following is a list of social causes we have represented under my supervision:

2012: Battered Women’s shelters in and Teens for Jeans (Cleveland, Ohio)

2013: City Missions (Cleveland, Ohio)

2014: University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center (Cleveland, Ohio)

Mission Statement: The mission of the Fashion Show Association is to provide students of Hiram College with quality of instruction in a lively, diverse environment that encourages interaction with others who share passion to help, encourage or spread awareness. The Fashion Show Association builds on Hiram College’s strong liberal arts tradition. Students involved  develop creative, technical, and business skills that position them for success in many different career fields in the future. Students seen as models in the show can even be granted opportunities outside of the college to be models for stores or representatives of the stores featured in our shows. All of these opportunities enhance students’ education and provide chances to enrich resumes. Such opportunities our fashion show association does are shows for charity and reach out events, we don’t just do fashion we do style for a cause!
Hiram College Fashion Show 2012
Hiram College Fashion Show 2013


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