Hiram College, OH
Major: Communication
Minor: Writing and Entrepreneurship

S P E C I A L  S K I L L S

  • Proficient in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest, and Google+)
  • Proficient in Associated Press Stylebook
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Advanced in HTML

R E L E V A N T  E X P E R I E N C E

ABS by Allen Schwartz
June 2014-August 2014
Los Angeles, CA
Blog Contributor                                                                                 

  • Conducted research for blog posts, including reading other blogs, interviews, asking questions on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Wrote articles on current fashion trends and ABS clothing for the clothing company’s target audience

Kennedy Center Programing Board (KCPB)
May 2013–May 2014
Hiram College–Hiram, OH
Director of Publicity              

  • Budgeted advertising expenses for multiple marketing campaigns throughout the school year
  • Oversaw a marketing team to advertise multiple Springfest events made up of; event theme, basketball competition, and concert featuring multiple recording artist
  • Utilized creative skills to make online and print advertisements for all KCPB events by utilizing; webpage design, Photoshop, and postcards
  • Streamlined the usage of social media by connecting Facebook and Twitter for information distribution to students
  • Increased the number of students interacting with each social media account by posting photos from programming board events

Habitat for Humanity
February 2013–October 2013
Geauga County, OH 
Fundraising Intern

  • Researched and generated a spreadsheet of companies that could sponsors Habitat for Humanity’s annual fall fundraiser
  • Revised sponsorship letters that were mailed to companies compiled in the spreadsheet
  • Used a mail merger to create labels for mailing donor packages
  • Assembled press and donor kits for distribution before event

3ck Media                                                                                             
March 2013–July 2013
Hollywood, CA 
Film Intern

  • Published a press release on PRWeb (a website specializing in press release distribution) that was distributed to multiple media outlet’s raising awareness of Dana Verde’s Indiegogo Campaign
  • Fostered relationships through outreach calls and emails with potential partners in regards to contributing to the Indiegogo Campaign
  • Compiled and emailed news letters on various topics in relation to the feature film “A Promise” by Dana Verde
  • Managed online correspondence by emailing multiple organization requesting publicity for “A Promise”

Fashion Show Association                                                                  
December 2011–May 2014
Hiram College–Hiram, OH
Committee Chair                                                                                 

  • Restored annual fashion on campus by cofounding the Fashion Show Association
  • Worked in conjunction with all campus programming board (KCPB) in planning spring fashion shows
  • Calculated a budget for the show consisting of the amount of food being purchased, transportation cost by mileage, and miscellaneous costs
  • Constructed advertisements to build awareness of the social issue that the fashion show was representing
  • Prepared a contract for students and fashion labels Gap, Nike, and Saks 5th Avenue regarding care of borrowed garments          

More than Music Show
November 2011–May 2014
Hiram College–Hiram, OH

  • Cofounded and executed a musical showcase that displayed music’s impact on students at Hiram College
  • Grew the number of participants and attendance by 15% conducting auditions for up and coming artist in North East Ohio
  • Supervised advertising, budgeting, and reservations duties assigned to a planning committee of 4
  • Prepared and facilitated meetings for the planning committee

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