Turnt Up Tuesdays: My Top 12 Hip Hop love songs

I’ve always been a huge fan of love. I tweet about it all the time. The idea of a man and woman being destined for each other is beautiful. The idea of someone choosing to be with one person for the rest of their lives and no longer trying to keep multiple women (or men) is dope.

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Turnt Up Tuesdays: To Pimp A Butterfly

In a world where most rap sounds like Kid Ink over mediocre beats. Where hip hop artists are becoming more interested in fashion and entertainment as opposed to spreading a message. Where Azalea Banks is constantly feuding with so and so or various artists are hating on Iggy Azalea for whatever reason other than she’s white…there comes an album. An album that delivers a powerful message while avoiding being preachy or causing non minorities to become uninterested in the message.

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Valentine’s Day according to a 4th Grader

This is Jai-Swag (a self-given nickname) aka Jailynn my nine year old niece. She is my twin, mini me and so many other things. Every morning we wake up early, walk to school and discuss random little topics that are relevant to a girl in the 4th grade. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up she decided she wanted to give me some advice of what to talk about on Twe1ve2. So here is her suggestion…a Valentine’s Day list according to a 4th grader.

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Images credited to “New Years Eve 2010 – Dubai Fireworks” by Sarah Ackerman licensed under CC BY 2.0

2014 has been an incredible year for me and I’m hoping 2015 will be just as amazing if not more. I graduated from college, I got an apartment (in my name) with my brother, had one of my blog posts featured on a website, started writing for an online magazine, received a gift card for one of my posts (The Ihop one), most importantly made some amazing blogger friends and was able to share the journey with some amazing friends outside of the blogging world (who don’t know it but are going to make it into some pretty funny blog posts).

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more iggy.

via tumblr: http://iggy-azalea.tk/tagged/iggy-azalea/

Before I begin I want to give you a background on why you should even consider taking my Iggy Azalea opinion into consideration. I’m not a hip hop blogger, musician of any kind, nor is hip hop even my favorite genre of music (I prefer R&B the baby making kind to be exact haha). So why is my opinion even valid?

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I don’t hate Kim Kardashian.


I somehow found myself on Buzzfeed arguing about how Kim Kardashian became a “celebrity” recently. It’s a well-known fact that I think she’s an amazing entrepreneur, mother, and person. However, many people don’t believe the same and in all honestly I respect their opinions. So I’m not going to try to argue against that but what I am questioning is why do we dislike her?

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