Valentine’s Day according to a 4th Grader

This is Jai-Swag (a self-given nickname) aka Jailynn my nine year old niece. She is my twin, mini me and so many other things. Every morning we wake up early, walk to school and discuss random little topics that are relevant to a girl in the 4th grade. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up she decided she wanted to give me some advice of what to talk about on Twe1ve2. So here is her suggestion…a Valentine’s Day list according to a 4th grader.

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To the man I could never love.

Photo By margot pandone

Awhile ago I began writing a series of short stories per say on each of the different guys that have been in my life relationship wise. I have nothing to do with the stories anymore. So I figured why not share them here. Either you all will love how brutally honest I was when I wrote them or you’ll hate me and unfollow my blog because of how disgusting I treated some people. There’s Josh who I just didn’t love and Charles who I wasn’t physically attracted to and then there’s John (and so many more). His was written out of scorn. Anyways this is basically the first one I wrote about Josh.

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Fashion Friday: Kim Kardashian Hollywood Edition

Fashion and Kim Kardashian basically go hand in hand which is probably why Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has become so successful. Or more so a prevalent part in my life. I have finally made it to an A list celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Of course my fictional Kim K. boyfriend broke up with me due to our lack of communication (I do have to model and stuff)…but that’s alright he was a D list celebrity so I couldn’t very well continue to be seen with him am I right?

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Movie Night: Wedding Vows

Wedding Vow’s is not a movie. Well it might be but this post is not about the movie if there is one. This is about one of the most important parts of a  wedding…the vows. If you’re like me than you hate the basic one that the priest recite. Not that there is anything wrong with that but my heart gets super excited when hear people express how they truly feel about someone from their heart. Continue reading

Sunday Funday: VMA’s inspired wedding?


What’s a wedding without a theme? Not a very fun wedding at all. As you all may know today (8/24/2014) MTV hosted their Video Music Awards show. I rarely watch awards shows for anything other than the fashion and certain performances but this year I happened to watch the whole thing and not bits and pieces.

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