Motivational Monday: Making Free Time

“Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – Marthe Troly-Curtin

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Movie Night: Wedding Vows

Wedding Vow’s is not a movie. Well it might be but this post is not about the movie if there is one. This is about one of the most important parts of a  wedding…the vows. If you’re like me than you hate the basic one that the priest recite. Not that there is anything wrong with that but my heart gets super excited when hear people express how they truly feel about someone from their heart. Continue reading

Sunday Funday: VMA’s inspired wedding?


What’s a wedding without a theme? Not a very fun wedding at all. As you all may know today (8/24/2014) MTV hosted their Video Music Awards show. I rarely watch awards shows for anything other than the fashion and certain performances but this year I happened to watch the whole thing and not bits and pieces.

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Changing ambitions: WE’RE ON FACEBOOK and here’s some advice

That’s right! Twe1ve2 has officially made it to Facebook. Well, I finally decided to create a Facebook page for Twe1ve2. Why the wait? Well I wanted to build some sort of following and make sure blogging was something I was actually passionate about. Not just a past time like the time I was really into drawing anime or wanted to be a chef.

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Sunday Funday: Weekly inspiration

SundayHappy Sunday! Unlike most people my two favorite days of the week are Sunday and Monday. Why you ask? Well, because I get to meal prep and plan out my week! DUH! Sundays to me are fresh starts. If you didn’t accomplish your goals for last week don’t dwell on it because it’s time for a fresh start!

Here is an example of what my Sunday to Sunday looks like:
Sunday: Write this lovely blog for you and plan out the week and meal prep…etc!
Monday: Email in my FIRST blog post for the ABS by Allen Schwartz, research for Tuesdays post. Respond back to my emails.
Tuesday: Call Chipotle about my interview this week…and so much more

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