Why nice guys aren’t finishing last

“I don’t really have a type of guy I like. It’s just like nice guys, cute boys I mean, ones that are funny.”
-Emma Roberts

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Sunday Funday: Let’s B**** a bit

I have a lot of pet peeves. When I say a lot I mean A LOT. Some which are ridiculously unnecessarily annoying and some that most people would agree on I can’t be the only one that hates when someone has spilled something and you’re walking around in socks and you step in it. Come on just warn me.

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Motivational Mondays: Me, Myself, and I


As a culture we love to compare ourselves to others or even analyze other women’s beauty to try and find flaws. I’m no different I do it all the time. This is actually why I started my “Woman Crush Wednesday” series on my blog and why I started my “Motivational Mondays”. To talk to inspiring bloggers, to get their voice out. To let women know that there are others that possibly have the same opinions as they do. This is also why I can’t wait to continue to push WCW through each Wednesday for you!

Until than I decided to give you a little insight into my life outside of my consistent hate for work, hunt for a career, and love of fashion/films/music. Why? When  I open up and think about the things I like about myself or dislike it opens me up for improvement. This is something I’m big on, constantly attempting to do better. So hopefully after read a little bit about me you’ll think about yourself and what you love or need to improve on. Plus it’s always fun to post facts about yourself. So here we go I hope you enjoy.

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Sunday Funday: Things I loved this week/Weekly Recap

I hadn’t had the opportunity to blog much this week because of school, work, working out (walking), and taking care of my niece. Last week I had scheduled all my blog posts so that I wouldn’t need to continuously post but that wasn’t the case this week. I didn’t get a chance to. So sorry about that guys. I do still plan on keeping the schedule I had previously planned so Motivational Monday-Sunday Funday will still be a real thing.

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Cleaning House: Updates to Twe1ve2

Download / By Rayi Christian W

I’m going to be posting everyday and decided to share with you all what will be posted on what days and etc. That way you know what days to come back and check the blog if you’re not subscribed. BUT I highly suggest you still subscribe you never know when I might do something crazy and post twice in one day, mention a give away, blog hop, anything.

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